Belief Statements

We believe that the highest levels of academic, social and emotional growth for all students occur when:

  • schools are welcoming places, providing a nurturing learning environment that ensure physical and emotional safety.

  • all members of the school community strive for unity and embrace diversity.

  • mutual respect between parents, students, teachers, support staff and administrators creates an environment in which teamwork and collaboration thrive.

  • self-esteem and self respect are enhanced through achievement.

We believe that all students can achieve to their maximum potential when:

  • instructional strategies target individual needs, abilities and learning styles.

  • current technology is used to support and enhance student learning.

We believe the shared responsibility for student success is built on a foundation that includes:

  • high quality, well trained, caring and compassionate teachers, support staff and administration.

  • strong connections between the school and home, recognizing that parents play a vital role both as teachers and partners with the school in the growth and development of their children.

  • a district culture in which trust, kindness, honesty, and open communication are valued and practiced daily.