Bully Prevention

What is Bullying?

Bullying is considered severe or pervasive physical or verbal acts or conduct. This includes communication made in writing that is directed toward one or more pupils that has or can be reasonably predicted to have a:


  • Substantial detrimental effect on the pupil’s/pupils’ physical health
  • Substantial detrimental effect on the pupil’s/pupils’ mental health
  • Substantial detrimental effect on the pupil’s/pupils’ academic performance
  • Substantial detrimental effect on the pupil’s/pupils’ ability to participate in school activities


Bully Prevention

Strategies focused on the prevention of bullying include establishing clear rules for student conduct and plans that establish a positive, collaborative school climate. Students are informed through assemblies, announcements, student handbooks and other appropriate means, of rules related to bullying, procedures for reporting incidents, and the consequences of bullying. Students are also provided with instruction that promotes communication, social skills, character/values education, respect for cultural and individual differences, self-esteem development, assertiveness skills, and appropriate online behavior.

Reporting Incidents of Bullying

Any student or parent that feels an incident of bullying has occurred should immediately report as much information about the incident as possible to a teacher, school administrator or through the online report form. The report form can be accessed here.



What happens after a report is made?

All schools in the Etiwanda School District take allegations of bullying behavior seriously. All reports of bullying are investigated to the fullest extent possible. Administrative steps in response to bullying behavior include, but are not limited to, action to end the harassment, monitoring conduct between those involved, addressing any hostile environment that may have been created for the student(s), and assigning appropriate disciplinary action.


Please note that Specific corrective actions with regard to employees or students who may be subject to disciplinary or other actions must be kept confidential.


It is possible that an investigation may conclude with the determination that a reported incident does not rise to the level of bullying as defined above. Conduct that does not rise to the level of bullying may still be considered inappropriate behavior and require corrective actions.

Please click this link for more information and resources: Statewide Resources