Welcome to Grapeland Elementary School!

Welcome to Grapeland Elementary. 

Our vision statement for our school is the driving force behind all that we do for students:  "Grapeland Elementary School will be every child's favorite place to be."   At Grapeland you will always find a professional and courteous staff that is willing to assist you and your child through every step of school.   Our PTA Board is an amazing group of parents who are dedicated to making Grapeland a great place for all kids.  Please consider join our PTA by becoming a member.  For the last three years we have had 100% of our parents sign up as official members. 

For several years now each one of our grade levels has been associated with a university.  We adopted this ongoing university theme to focus students on their future in education. When you walk our hallways you will see that each pathway has been named after one of the universities.  The universities are:

First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade
Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade

Sincerely, Mr. Sipos


**Health News!**     


Kinder Parents Please get your 1st grade physical into the Health Office as soon as possible as this will alleviate any delays in your students placement for the upcoming school year!  Any questions please give us a call @ 463-7026. 

Latest News:

SARC-School Accountability Report Card: Click link below



957 API Score 2012/2013
Academic Performance Index (API) Report

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Help our school by joining the PTA. Please visit the PTA site for details.

Thank You Volunteers!
We are so grateful for your support. If you would like to volunteer, please contact the school office, the PTA or your child's teacher. Thank you!

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Upcoming Events

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REMINDER: Minimum Day Every Monday
1:15 PM Dismissal (Grades 1-5)

Choir:  Flyer to be distributed 9/9/13
           Choir to Begin Tuesday 9/24/13

Upcoming Dates:

03/17-03/24 NO SCHOOL-Spring Break
03/25 AR Cut-off
03/26 Math Bee 3/4 Grade
03/27 Math Bee 5th Grade
03/27 Shakey's Family Night
03/28 AR Hot Fudge Sundae
03/31 Pinewood Derby/Sports Camp Begins
04/02 5th Gr. EIS Parent Night
04/03 Quakes Night-Choir Sings
04/04 National School Librarian Day
04/08 Spring Pictures/5th Gr. Panoramic
04/11 Progress Reports sent home
04/23 Geography Bee
04/24 Richie's Diner Family Night
04/29 PTA Walk-A-Thon
05/02 Walk-A-Thon Money Due
05/02 Lunch with V.I.P./Choir to perform
05/05-05/09 Teacher Appreciation Week/Book Fair
05/05 Walk-A-Thon Ice Cream Party
05/06 AR Cut-Off
05/06 Last day of morning choir
05/07 National Bike to School Day
05/07 Choir musical performance
05/08 Open House 5:30 p.m.-Hot Dog On A Stick/Juice it Up!/Kettle Corn
05/09 Employee Recognition Day
05/12 5th Gr. Rocket Day
05/12 Volunteer Tea
05/13 5th Gr. Beach Day
05/14 AR John's Incredible Pizza
05/14 CA Day of the Teacher
05/15 3rd Trimester Awards
05/16 AR Bike Show
05/20 5th Gr. Talent Show
05/21 5th Gr. Promotion
05/22 5th Gr. bowling/Last Day of School