Accelerated Reader Quiz List - Reading Practice

Quiz No.



Book Level


115462 ENE Is for Extreme: An Extreme Sports AlphabetHerzog, Brad6.91.0
85982 ENEach Little Bird That SingsWiles, Deborah4.56.0
43608 ENEach Living ThingRyder, Joanne3.80.5
78560 ENEagerFox, Helen5.09.0
108516 ENEager's NephewFox, Helen4.510.0
122205 ENEagleStone, Jeff4.77.0
78075 ENEagle StrikeHorowitz, Anthony5.110.0
14316 ENEaglesSwitzer, Merebeth5.30.5
17219 ENEagles & Birds of PreyParry-Jones, Jemima6.61.0
63708 ENEagles (Nature's Predators)Haugen, Hayley Mitchell7.11.0
128731 ENEagletsWendorff, Anne1.50.5
56413 ENEar Book, ThePerkins, Al0.70.5
81191 ENEarly American Christmas, AnDe Paola, Tomie4.20.5
30717 ENEarly Bird, TheScarry, Richard1.80.5
54162 ENEarly Sunday Morning: The Pearl Harbor Diary of Amber BillowsDenenberg, Barry5.63.0
6111 ENEarrings!Viorst, Judith2.80.5
13808 ENEars Are for HearingShowers, Paul4.00.5
102746 ENEarthTaylor-Butler, Christine2.40.5
125675 ENEarth and MarsMist, Rosalind4.40.5
109440 ENEarth DayTrueit, Trudi Strain3.40.5
76198 ENEarth Day - Hooray!Murphy, Stuart J.3.70.5
60946 ENEarth Day: Keeping Our Planet CleanLandau, Elaine4.00.5
44158 ENEarth Geeks Must Go!Stine, R.L.3.22.0
31071 ENEarth MagicLoehr, Mallory3.52.0
108340 ENEarth MoversMartin, M.T.1.20.5
64501 ENEarthbornWaugh, Sylvia5.28.0
4936 ENEarthmovers (Machines at Work)Rogers, Hal1.70.5
59740 ENEarthquack!Palatini, Margie3.70.5
57040 ENEarthquakeLee, Milly2.90.5
51896 ENEarthquake in the Early MorningOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
12984 ENEarthquake in the Third GradeMyers, Laurie3.11.0
13756 ENEarthquake TerrorKehret, Peg4.64.0
65542 ENEarthworm's Life, AnHimmelman, John2.30.5
65554 ENEarthwormsLlewellyn, Claire4.10.5
126214 ENEarwigsSexton, Colleen1.70.5
118902 ENEaster Bunny Is Missing!, TheMetzger, Steve2.80.5
57767 ENEaster Bunny that Overslept, TheFriedrich, Priscilla/Otto3.30.5
136093 ENEaster Egg, TheBrett, Jan3.50.5
136688 ENEasy as PieBest, Cari3.10.5
9310 ENEat Your Peas, Louise!Snow, Pegeen0.70.5
122174 ENEating EnchiladasNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds3.41.0
103135 ENEating up GladysZemach, Margot2.70.5
108314 ENEats, Shoots & Leaves: Why, Commas Really Do Make a Difference!Truss, Lynne1.60.5
126399 ENEclipseHunter, Erin4.310.0
125310 ENEcosystemsRichardson, Gillian6.71.0
7713 ENEddie's MenagerieHaywood, Carolyn3.83.0
70275 ENEdgar Degas: Paintings That DanceCocca-Leffler, Maryann3.60.5
51862 ENEdison Mystery, TheGutman, Dan4.84.0
64996 ENEdna ElephantBridges, Margaret Park1.60.5
25978 ENEdward and the PiratesMcPhail, David4.00.5
59363 ENEdward in the JungleMcPhail, David4.30.5
117963 ENEdward's EyesMacLachlan, Patricia3.12.0
108585 ENEdwina, the Dinosaur Who Didn't Know She Was ExtinctWillems, Mo2.50.5
41783 ENEdwina VictoriousBonners, Susan4.83.0
45293 ENEdwurd Fudwupper Fibbed BigBreathed, Berkeley3.40.5
84450 ENEEK! There's a Mouse in the HouseYee, Wong Herbert1.20.5
121289 ENEelsZobel, Derek2.30.5
137791 ENEensy Weensy Spider Freaks Out! (Big-Time!), TheCummings, Troy2.80.5
64046 ENEeyore Has a BirthdayMilne/Krensky2.70.5
105164 ENEgg Is Quiet, AnAston, Dianna Hutts2.90.5
14943 ENEgg Monsters from MarsStine, R.L.3.02.0
48661 ENEgg, TheRobertson, M.P.3.00.5
65555 ENEgg to Bird (Cycles of Life)Scrace, Carolyn3.20.5
114833 ENEggsSpinelli, Jerry3.64.0
85540 ENEggs for Everyone!Driscoll, Laura1.30.5
217 ENEgypt Game, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley6.47.0
6210 ENEgyptian Cinderella, TheClimo, Shirley4.50.5
112334 ENEight Hands Round: A Patchwork AlphabetPaul, Ann Whitford5.60.5
902184 ENEileen Collins: First Woman Commander in Space (HM Edition)Arego, Rob5.30.5
51660 ENElbert's Bad WordWood, Audrey3.60.5
89884 ENEldestPaolini, Christopher7.036.0
64748 ENEleanor: Crown Jewel of AquitaineGregory, Kristiana5.75.0
125562 ENElection-Day Disaster, TheRoy, Ron4.01.0
1615 ENElectric FishLandau, Elaine5.40.5
902073 ENElena in America (HM Edition)Bloksberg, Robin2.90.5
72232 ENElephant Hospital, TheDarling, Kathy6.00.5
50082 ENElephant on the LooseCosby/Watson2.40.5
11760 ENElephant: Peaceful Giant, TheDenis-Huot, Christine4.50.5
102306 ENElephant's Child: From the Just So Stories, TheKipling, Rudyard5.60.5
62065 ENElephantsMacken, JoAnn Early1.50.5
67655 ENElephantsStewart, Melissa5.00.5
14346 ENElephantsKelsey, Elin5.60.5
44961 ENElevator Family, TheEvans, Douglas4.01.0
120111 ENElevenGiff, Patricia Reilly4.14.0
77176 ENElevenMyracle, Lauren4.16.0
7670 ENEleven Kids, One SummerMartin, Ann M.4.25.0
42575 ENElfangor's SecretApplegate, K.A.3.95.0
19562 ENEliPeet, Bill3.50.5
124780 ENEli ManningTieck, Sarah3.80.5
117751 ENElijah of BuxtonCurtis, Christopher Paul5.412.0
6211 ENElijah's AngelRosen, Michael J.4.60.5
134433 ENEliot Jones, Midnight SuperheroCottringer, Anne2.70.5
68060 ENElisabeth: The Princess BrideDenenberg, Barry7.43.0
77395 ENEliza and the DragonflyRinehart, Susie Caldwell2.90.5
32239 ENElizabeth I: Red Rose of the House of TudorLasky, Kathryn5.56.0
120548 ENElizabeth Leads the Way...and the Right to VoteStone, Tanya Lee3.80.5
26749 ENElizabeti's DollStuve-Bodeen, Stephanie3.40.5
60897 ENElizabeti's SchoolStuve-Bodeen, Stephanie3.80.5
14317 ENElkMartin, Pamela5.40.5
19563 ENEllaPeet, Bill4.80.5
17769 ENElla EnchantedLevine, Gail Carson4.68.0
60673 ENElla Fitzgerald: The Tale of a Vocal VirtuosaPinkney, Andrea Davis3.50.5
84214 ENElla's Big ChanceHughes, Shirley5.30.5
67821 ENElla Sarah Gets DressedChodos-Irvine, Margaret2.60.5
123268 ENElla Sets SailD'Amico, Carmela2.50.5
108874 ENElla Sets the StageD'Amico, Carmela3.20.5
101273 ENElla Takes The CakeD'Amico, Carmela2.70.5
83273 ENElla the Elegant ElephantD'Amico, Carmela3.10.5
127680 ENElla the Rose FairyMeadows, Daisy4.41.0
10517 ENEllen and PenguinVulliamy, Clara2.50.5
86404 ENEllen OchoaJaffe, Elizabeth D.2.50.5
5009 ENEllen TebbitsCleary, Beverly4.93.0
119091 ENEllie McDoodle: Have Pen, Will TravelBarshaw, Ruth McNally3.31.0
124490 ENEllie McDoodle: New Kid in SchoolBarshaw, Ruth McNally3.22.0
134897 ENEllie the Guitar FairyMeadows, Daisy4.51.0
26919 ENElliot Drives AwayCurtis, Matt2.50.5
118808 ENEllis IslandLandau, Elaine4.80.5
7869 ENEllis Island Christmas, AnLeighton, Maxine Rhea3.00.5
7714 ENElmer and the DragonGannett, Ruth Stiles4.61.0
40588 ENElmer and the Lost TeddyMcKee, David2.20.5
10608 ENElmer the GrumpHaidle, Elizabeth5.01.0
115486 ENEloise and the Very Secret RoomWeiss, Ellen1.50.5
34868 ENEloise at ChristmastimeThompson, Kay5.90.5
84634 ENEloise Breaks Some EggsMcNamara, Margaret1.00.5
131731 ENEloise Dresses UpCheshire, Marc2.80.5
84635 ENEloise Has a LessonMcNamara, Margaret1.00.5
115626 ENEloise's New BonnetMcClatchy, Lisa1.30.5
126520 ENEloise Skates!McClatchy, Lisa1.30.5
31095 ENEloise/The Absolutely Essential EloiseThompson, Kay4.61.0
123449 ENEloise Throws a Party!McClatchy, Lisa1.40.5
45890 ENElves and the Shoemaker, TheLittledale, Freya3.00.5
14665 ENElves Don't Wear Hard HatsDadey/Jones3.61.0
69959 ENElvis the Rooster Almost Goes to HeavenCazet, Denys2.10.5
143205 ENEmerald Atlas, TheStephens, John4.915.0
102129 ENEmergency QuarterbackWallace, Rich4.42.0
83704 ENEmergency Workers Are on Their Way!Kalman, Bobbie6.01.0
59139 ENEmilyBedard, Michael3.10.5
9263 ENEmily Arrow Promises to Do Better This YearGiff, Patricia Reilly2.61.0
44253 ENEmily's First 100 Days of SchoolWells, Rosemary3.30.5
137894 ENEmily's FortuneNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.23.0
6262 ENEmily's Runaway ImaginationCleary, Beverly6.16.0
115607 ENEmily the Emerald FairyMeadows, Daisy4.21.0
119118 ENEmily Windsnap and the Castle in the MistKessler, Liz4.36.0
107134 ENEmily Windsnap and the Monster from the DeepKessler, Liz3.76.0
136866 ENEmily Windsnap and the Siren's SecretKessler, Liz4.08.0
113689 ENEmma-Jean Lazarus Fell out of a TreeTarshis, Lauren5.24.0
88158 ENEmma KatePolacco, Patricia2.00.5
32931 ENEmma's JournalMoss, Marissa5.91.0
89122 ENEmma's PetMcPhail, David1.60.5
141510 ENEmma the Easter FairyMeadows, Daisy3.61.0
129306 ENEmmaline and the BunnyHannigan, Katherine3.11.0
126598 ENEmmy and the Home for Troubled GirlsJonell, Lynne5.110.0
118263 ENEmmy and the Incredible Shrinking RatJonell, Lynne4.79.0
143757 ENEmperor of Nihon-Ja, TheFlanagan, John6.219.0
136780 ENEmperor's Code, TheKorman, Gordon5.36.0
36328 ENEmperor's Egg, TheJenkins, Martin4.10.5
9494 ENEmperor's New ClothesAndersen, Hans Christian5.50.5
6263 ENEmperor's New Clothes, TheMetaxas, Eric6.20.5
72162 ENEmperor's New Clothes, TheBlackaby, Susan2.90.5
107582 ENEmperor's New Clothes, TheSedgwick, Marcus3.90.5
110801 ENEmperor's New Clothes, TheWallace, Karen2.70.5
32268 ENEmperor's Old Clothes, TheLasky, Kathryn4.40.5
58901 ENEmperor's Silent Army: Terracotta Warriors of Ancient China, TheO'Connor, Jane6.81.0
24939 ENEmpty Envelope, TheRoy, Ron3.51.0
36544 ENEmpty Pot, TheDemi3.80.5
119041 SPEn aquel prado: Una antigua rima de númerosWadsworth, Olive A.2.60.5
58891 ENEncantado: Pink Dolphin of the AmazonMontgomery, Sy5.72.0
117735 ENEnchanted Gazelle: An African Fairy Tale, ThePirotta, Saviour4.70.5
19564 ENEncore for EleanorPeet, Bill5.00.5
6313 ENEncounterYolen, Jane4.20.5
18964 ENEncounter, TheApplegate, K.A.3.84.0
7716 ENEncy. Brown Finds the CluesSobol, Donald J.4.32.0
7717 ENEncy. Brown Keeps the PeaceSobol, Donald J.4.21.0
7715 ENEncy. Brown...Mysterious HandprintsSobol, Donald J.4.51.0
7718 ENEncy. Brown Shows the WaySobol, Donald J.3.91.0
7719 ENEncy. Brown Solves Them AllSobol, Donald J.4.21.0
5415 ENEncyclopedia Brown Boy DetectiveSobol, Donald J.4.11.0
40626 ENEncyclopedia Brown...Case of the Treasure HuntSobol, Donald J.4.41.0
36379 ENEncyclopedia Brown...Case of the Two SpiesSobol, Donald J.4.41.0
10661 ENEncyclopedia Brown...Dead EaglesSobol, Donald J.4.31.0
14666 ENEncyclopedia Brown...Disgusting SneakersSobol, Donald J.4.01.0
44897 ENEncyclopedia Brown Gets His ManSobol, Donald J.4.41.0
36377 ENEncyclopedia Brown Lends a HandSobol, Donald J.4.21.0
18716 ENEncyclopedia Brown...Midnight VisitorSobol, Donald J.4.21.0
18715 ENEncyclopedia Brown...Pablo's NoseSobol, Donald J.4.11.0
10664 ENEncyclopedia Brown's Book of Strange but True CrimesSobol, Donald/Rose5.33.0
18717 ENEncyclopedia Brown Saves the DaySobol, Donald J.3.91.0
10662 ENEncyclopedia Brown...Secret PitchSobol, Donald J.4.42.0
18718 ENEncyclopedia Brown Sets the PaceSobol, Donald J.4.61.0
131929 ENEncyclopedia Brown, Super SleuthSobol, Donald J.4.42.0
10663 ENEncyclopedia Brown Takes the CaseSobol, Donald J.4.21.0
10877 ENEncyclopedia Brown Tracks Them DownSobol, Donald J.4.41.0
109872 ENEnd GameGraves, Damien5.15.0
81646 ENEnd of the Beginning...Small Snail (and an Even Smaller Ant), TheAvi3.81.0
110253 ENEnd, TheSnicket, Lemony7.39.0
112103 ENEnd, TheLaRochelle, David3.50.5
127472 ENEnd Zone, TheMortensen, Lori1.50.5
78658 ENEndangered RhinocerosKalman, Bobbie5.60.5
114715 ENEndangered ZebrasMacAulay, Kelley5.30.5
57665 ENEndurance: Shipwreck and Survival on a Sea of IceWhite, Matt4.21.0
4569 ENEnduro RacingHendrickson, Steve4.80.5
101423 ENEnduro RacingHealy, Nick4.20.5
108710 ENEndymion SpringSkelton, Matthew6.313.0
45222 ENEnemy PieMunson, Derek3.20.5
87374 ENEnemy SpyVan Draanen, Wendelin3.53.0
1725 ENEnergy and ResourcesBrown, Paul6.90.5
104761 ENEnforcers!, TheDezago, Todd3.20.5
139453 ENEnglandSimmons, Walter4.90.5
23330 ENEnormous Crocodile, TheDahl, Roald4.00.5
609 ENEnormous Egg, TheButterworth, Oliver5.06.0
121752 ENEpos the Winged FlameBlade, Adam4.81.0
63489 ENEpossumondasSalley, Coleen3.90.5
74404 ENEragonPaolini, Christopher5.625.0
135070 ENErak's RansomFlanagan, John6.117.0
137094 ENEraserheads, TheBanks, Kate3.00.5
5456 SP¿Eres tú mi mamá?Eastman, P.D.1.60.5
41390 ENEreth's BirthdayAvi4.75.0
128428 ENErika-sanSay, Allen3.30.5
46103 ENErsatz Elevator, TheSnicket, Lemony6.67.0
52315 ENEscape! A Story of the Underground RailroadGayle, Sharon Shavers3.40.5
130578 ENEscape from HorrorLandStine, R.L.3.23.0
109061 ENEscape from the Carnivale: A Never Land AdventureBarry, Dave5.03.0
22945 ENEscape of Marvin the Ape, TheBuehner, Caralyn2.00.5
122136 ENEscape of the Deadly Dinosaur, TheHunt, Elizabeth Singer5.22.0
40727 ENEscape SouthSiegelson, Kim3.31.0
70853 ENEscaping the Giant WaveKehret, Peg4.74.0
10772 ENEsio TrotDahl, Roald4.41.0
6766 ENEskimo's Secret, TheKeene, Carolyn5.05.0
44286 ENEsperanza RisingRyan, Pam Muñoz5.36.0
62771 ENEstela's SwapO'Neill, Alexis3.10.5
64998 ENEthan Out and AboutHurwitz, Johanna1.50.5
74342 ENEugène Delacroix (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists)Venezia, Mike5.30.5
20510 ENEuropePetersen, David5.10.5
77177 ENEvangeline Mudd...Golden-Haired Apes of the Ikkinasti JungleElliott, David5.45.0
125558 ENEve of the Emperor PenguinOsborne, Mary Pope3.72.0
138135 ENEven Monsters Need HaircutsMcElligott, Matthew2.00.5
41391 ENEver-Clever ElisaHurwitz, Johanna4.22.0
63434 ENEverest Book One: The ContestKorman, Gordon5.14.0
63435 ENEverest Book Three: The SummitKorman, Gordon5.24.0
63436 ENEverest Book Two: The ClimbKorman, Gordon5.24.0
17310 ENEvery Buddy CountsMurphy, Stuart J.2.60.5
43404 ENEvery Cloud Has a Silver LiningMazer, Anne4.42.0
145535 ENEvery Cowgirl Needs Dancing BootsJanni, Rebecca2.90.5
6264 ENEvery Dog Has His DayErickson, John R.4.93.0
126118 ENEvery Soul a StarMass, Wendy4.711.0
58925 ENEverybody Brings NoodlesDooley, Norah3.10.5
18397 ENEverybody Cooks RiceDooley, Norah3.80.5
43730 ENEverybody Needs a RockBaylor, Byrd3.30.5
62824 ENEverybody's Best Friend (Rookie Choices)Brimner, Larry Dane2.20.5
9311 ENEverybody SaysDobkin, Bonnie1.20.5
49275 ENEverybody Serves SoupDooley, Norah3.20.5
78832 ENEveryday HeroFigueroa, Acton2.10.5
140137 ENEverything but the HorseHobbie, Holly3.80.5
133937 ENEverything for a DogMartin, Ann M.5.47.0
48272 ENEverything I Know About PiratesLichtenheld, Tom6.10.5
48071 ENEverything on a WaffleHorvath, Polly5.85.0
6358 ENEverywhereBrooks, Bruce5.22.0
111771 ENEvie the Mist FairyMeadows, Daisy4.01.0
128668 ENEvil Comes in PairsEgan, Kate4.91.0
84222 ENEvil Elves, TheCoville, Bruce3.81.0
127400 ENEvil Swarm, TheOrme, David1.90.5
130075 ENEvolution of Calpurnia Tate, TheKelly, Jacqueline5.312.0
63006 ENExercise (Rookie Read-About Health)Gordon, Sharon1.60.5
69960 ENExpedition Down UnderCarmi, Rebecca4.41.0
65706 ENExperiments of Doctor Vermin, TheEgan, Tim3.80.5
66500 ENExperiments with AirTocci, Salvatore5.00.5
66501 ENExperiments with FrictionTocci, Salvatore5.40.5
66502 ENExperiments with GravityTocci, Salvatore5.00.5
66503 ENExperiments with HeatTocci, Salvatore4.60.5
67666 ENExperiments with MotionTocci, Salvatore4.70.5
54410 ENExperiments with PlantsTocci, Salvatore4.40.5
39761 ENExploding Ants: Amazing Facts About How Animals AdaptSettel, Joanne6.41.0
17220 ENExplorerMatthews, Rupert8.51.0
51280 ENExploring the Deep, Dark SeaGibbons, Gail4.70.5
146259 ENExquisite Corpse Adventure, TheBook, National Children's5.87.0
41660 ENExtinct Alphabet Book, ThePallotta, Jerry4.10.5
130571 ENExtra CreditClements, Andrew5.35.0
118920 ENExtra! Extra! Fairy-Tale News from Hidden ForestAda, Alma Flor5.50.5
55125 ENExtra-Thankful Thanksgiving, TheCosby/Watson2.10.5
110639 ENExtraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Basil, TheMiller, Wiley5.02.0
18669 ENExtraordinary Egg, AnLionni, Leo3.40.5
136294 ENExtraordinary Everglades, TheCorwin, Jeff5.31.0
28238 ENExtraordinary Life: The Story of a Monarch Butterfly, AnPringle, Laurence7.22.0
136067 ENExtraordinary Mark Twain (According To Susy), TheKerley, Barbara5.80.5
44335 ENExtreme Bicycle Stunt Riding MovesParr, Danny4.40.5
44336 ENExtreme In-Line Skating MovesParr, Danny4.50.5
66022 ENExtreme Mountain Biking MovesDeady, Kathleen W.4.70.5
129656 ENExtreme Rescue: Hawk MissionDavid, Erica2.60.5
44337 ENExtreme Skateboarding MovesFreimuth, Jeri4.30.5
82447 ENExtreme Sports: A Chapter BookGikow, Louise A.4.20.5
26642 ENExtreme, TheApplegate, K.A.4.13.0
44926 ENEye Book, TheSeuss, Dr.0.80.5
68612 ENEye of EternityArcher, Chris4.05.0
127489 ENEye of the Forest, TheKerr, P.B.5.415.0
135733 ENEye of the Fry Cook, TheDavid, Erica3.80.5
32375 ENEye of the Great BearWallace, Bill4.35.0
17992 ENEye of the Storm: Chasing Storms with Warren FaidleyKramer, Stephen6.41.0
7720 ENEyeballs for BreakfastRagz, M.M.4.04.0
44240 ENEyes of the Weaver, TheOrtega, Cristina4.10.5
44814 ENF Is for FreedomSchotter, Roni4.83.0
35158 ENFa MulanSan Souci, Robert D.4.80.5
119228 ENFabled Fourth Graders of Aesop Elementary School, TheFleming, Candace3.94.0
113529 ENFablehavenMull, Brandon4.811.0
122328 ENFablehaven: Grip of the Shadow PlagueMull, Brandon5.617.0
136399 ENFablehaven: Keys to the Demon PrisonMull, Brandon5.221.0
115046 ENFablehaven: Rise of the Evening StarMull, Brandon5.015.0
130013 ENFablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon SanctuaryMull, Brandon5.119.0
40318 ENFablesLobel, Arnold4.21.0
118903 ENFabulous Bouncing Chowder, TheBrown, Peter4.70.5
131388 ENFabumouse School Adventure, AStilton, Geronimo4.21.0
83159 ENFabumouse Vacation for Geronimo, AStilton, Geronimo3.51.0
9470 ENFace in the Bessledorf Funeral Parlor, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.44.0
5349 ENFace-OffChristopher, Matt4.32.0
111411 ENFace-OffAlfonsi, Alice3.82.0
115981 ENFace to Face with CaterpillarsMurawski, Darlyne A.5.80.5
108261 ENFaces, Places, and Inner Spaces: A Guide to Looking at ArtSousa, Jean6.91.0
12771 ENFacing West: A Story of the Oregon TrailKudlinski, Kathleen V.3.51.0
7721 ENFaded LoveErickson, John R.4.53.0
137293 ENFading EchoesHunter, Erin4.49.0
139081 ENFair CowHelakoski, Leslie2.40.5
53562 ENFair WeatherPeck, Richard4.74.0
138700 ENFairies' Birthday Surprise, TheMeadows, Daisy2.70.5
109344 ENFairies of Nutfolk Wood, TheUllman, Barb Bentler5.05.0
105871 ENFairyRay, Belinda4.54.0
142634 ENFairy Ballet, AMeadows, Daisy3.10.5
122370 ENFairy Berry Bake-Off, TheAlberto, Daisy3.00.5
49113 ENFairy Called Hilary, AStrauss, Linda Leopold4.02.0
34616 ENFairy Cloud ParadeHerman, Gail3.51.0
56431 ENFairy DustSmith, Jane Denitz4.34.0
100619 ENFairy Dust and the Quest for the EggLevine, Gail Carson4.24.0
123889 ENFairy FriendsMcKain, Kelly5.01.0
118697 ENFairy Haven and the Quest for the WandLevine, Gail Carson3.94.0
41121 ENFairy's Mistake, TheLevine, Gail Carson4.01.0
132462 ENFairy School DropoutBadger, Meredith4.92.0
21745 ENFairy Tale: A True StoryKulling, Monica4.53.0
77508 ENFairytale NewsHawkins, Colin3.40.5
45362 ENFaith Hill (Real-Life Reader Biography)Gaines, Ann Graham6.01.0
108513 ENFaith Like Mine: A Celebration...Through the Eyes of Children, ABuller, Laura5.73.0
16746 ENFaithful Elephants: A True Story of Animals, People, and WarTsuchiya, Yukio4.40.5
12376 ENFaithful Friend, TheSan Souci, Robert D.5.20.5
118756 ENFake Cape Caper, TheTrine, Greg3.91.0
119055 ENFake Out! Animals That Play TricksClarke, Ginjer L.3.80.5
25211 ENFalcon's Feathers, TheRoy, Ron3.31.0
65493 ENFalconsBailey, Jill7.41.0
108933 ENFallHerriges, Ann1.60.5
133154 ENFall Festival, TheMayer, Mercer1.20.5
105917 ENFall FrightHerman, Gail2.30.5
132339 ENFall Leaf ProjectMcNamara, Margaret1.40.5
144483 ENFall Mixed UpRaczka, Bob1.60.5
119908 ENFall of the Templar, TheBenz, Derek5.911.0
54104 ENFall, TheNix, Garth5.96.0
75629 ENFalling for RapunzelWilcox, Leah2.70.5
902146 ENFalling Off a Log (HM Edition)Miranda, Anne3.00.5
79706 ENFalse Peace, TheWatson, Jude5.34.0
49899 ENFamily Face-offRosado, Maria3.51.0
133845 ENFamily HuddleManning, Archie3.40.5
109711 ENFamily PhotoRau, Dana Meachen1.30.5
902173 ENFamily Picture (HM Edition), AEdgar, Amy4.70.5
467 ENFamily Under the Bridge, TheCarlson, Natalie Savage4.73.0
103392 ENFan in the Can, TheSalzmann, Mary Elizabeth0.80.5
6212 ENFancy FeetGiff, Patricia Reilly2.11.0
103067 ENFancy NancyO'Connor, Jane2.10.5
121234 ENFancy Nancy and the Boy from ParisO'Connor, Jane1.90.5
139561 ENFancy Nancy and the Delectable CupcakesO'Connor, Jane2.10.5
141243 ENFancy Nancy and the Fabulous Fashion BoutiqueO'Connor, Jane2.90.5
137819 ENFancy Nancy and the Late, Late, LATE NightO'Connor, Jane2.60.5
115026 ENFancy Nancy and the Posh PuppyO'Connor, Jane2.00.5
137820 ENFancy Nancy and the Sensational BabysitterO'Connor, Jane2.10.5
143327 ENFancy Nancy: Aspiring ArtistO'Connor, Jane3.40.5
121148 ENFancy Nancy at the MuseumO'Connor, Jane1.80.5
121147 ENFancy Nancy: Bonjour, ButterflyO'Connor, Jane2.60.5
136736 ENFancy Nancy: Every Day Is Earth DayO'Connor, Jane2.20.5
130287 ENFancy Nancy: Explorer Extraordinaire!O'Connor, Jane3.10.5
147341 ENFancy Nancy: Hair Dos and Hair Don'tsO'Connor, Jane2.20.5
133615 ENFancy Nancy: Halloween...or Bust!O'Connor, Jane2.00.5
135820 ENFancy Nancy: Heart to HeartO'Connor, Jane2.00.5
141244 ENFancy Nancy: My Family HistoryO'Connor, Jane2.30.5
138488 ENFancy Nancy: Ooh La La! It's Beauty DayO'Connor, Jane3.60.5
147892 ENFancy Nancy: Our Thanksgiving BanquetO'Connor, Jane2.80.5
131521 ENFancy Nancy: Pajama DayO'Connor, Jane2.00.5
136741 ENFancy Nancy: Poet Extraordinaire!O’Connor, Jane3.10.5
128429 ENFancy Nancy: Poison Ivy ExpertO'Connor, Jane2.10.5
135209 ENFancy Nancy's Elegant EasterO'Connor, Jane1.60.5
123269 ENFancy Nancy's Favorite Fancy Words: From Accessories to ZanyO'Connor, Jane3.20.5
126508 ENFancy Nancy Sees StarsO’Connor, Jane1.90.5
138489 ENFancy Nancy: Spectacular SpectaclesO'Connor, Jane2.10.5
142965 ENFancy Nancy: Splendid SpellerO'Connor, Jane2.10.5
134210 ENFancy Nancy: Splendiferous ChristmasO'Connor, Jane2.30.5
144432 ENFancy Nancy: Stellar Stargazer!O'Connor, Jane3.30.5
131522 ENFancy Nancy: Tea PartiesO'Connor, Jane4.00.5
134672 ENFancy Nancy: The 100th Day of SchoolO'Connor, Jane2.20.5
130288 ENFancy Nancy: The Dazzling Book ReportO'Connor, Jane2.10.5
131523 ENFancy Nancy: The Show Must Go OnO'Connor, Jane1.90.5
47408 ENFantastic Beasts & Where to Find ThemRowling, J.K.8.82.0
74608 ENFantastic Flights: One Hundred Years of Flying on the EdgeO'Brien, Patrick6.01.0
5011 ENFantastic Mr. FoxDahl, Roald4.11.0
17813 ENFar NorthHobbs, Will5.39.0
25230 ENFaraway SummerHurwitz, Johanna4.63.0
47409 ENFarewell, My LunchbagHale, Bruce3.92.0
113817 ENFarewell to LoveAlfonsi, Alice4.84.0
19565 ENFarewell to Shady GladePeet, Bill5.20.5
44815 ENFarewell to the IslandWhelan, Gloria5.66.0
59741 ENFarfallina and MarcelKeller, Holly3.00.5
137092 ENFarmCooper, Elisha3.40.5
122366 ENFarm AnimalsCooper, Wade2.10.5
143343 ENFarm DogHill, Susan2.00.5
134820 ENFarm Dog MarthaMeddaugh, Susan1.90.5
44407 ENFarm MorningMcPhail, David1.60.5
112 ENFarmer BoyWilder, Laura Ingalls5.29.0
7560 ENFarmer DuckWaddell, Martin2.20.5
131732 ENFarmer Joe and the Music ShowMitton, Tony3.00.5
74235 ENFarmer McPeepers and His Missing Milk CowsDuffield, Katy S.2.70.5
109712 ENFarmer's Market RoundingDalton, Julie2.80.5
52565 ENFarmer WillCowen-Fletcher, Jane2.10.5
58129 ENFarmers MarketParks, Carmen1.50.5
62212 ENFarms, TheBial, Raymond7.11.0
115656 ENFashion Disaster, TheKeene, Carolyn3.41.0
128785 ENFashion Kitty and the Unlikely HeroHarper, Charise Mericle2.91.0
46863 ENFast-Draw FreddieHamsa, Bobbie0.50.5
105918 ENFast FoodFreymann, Saxton2.20.5
130163 ENFast Train, Slow TrainStubbs, Tommy1.00.5
49781 ENFat Camp CommandosPinkwater, Daniel4.81.0
62753 ENFat Camp Commandos Go WestPinkwater, Daniel4.41.0
55267 ENFat Cat: A Danish FolktaleMacDonald, Margaret Read2.00.5
131073 ENFat Cat of UnderwhereHale, Bruce3.32.0
16856 ENFat Cat Sat on the Mat, TheKarlin, Nurit1.90.5
57588 ENFat Men From SpacePinkwater, Daniel4.91.0
7311 ENFather Bear Comes HomeMinarik, Else Holmelund2.10.5
17311 ENFattest, Tallest, Biggest Snowman Ever, TheLing, Bettina2.50.5
31544 ENFavorite Greek MythsOsborne, Mary Pope6.12.0
82982 ENFavorite Medieval TalesOsborne, Mary Pope6.02.0
51843 ENFavorite Norse MythsOsborne, Mary Pope5.52.0
124236 ENFawn and the Mysterious TricksterDriscoll, Laura3.51.0
128732 ENFawnsWendorff, Anne1.40.5
79997 SPFea Durmiente, LaDewin, Howie3.31.0
50383 ENFear GamesStine, R.L.3.83.0
139112 ENFear ItselfClements, Andrew5.05.0
122220 ENFearlessWoodruff, Elvira5.37.0
58231 ENFearless Fernie: Hanging out with Fernie and MeSoto, Gary4.51.0
66509 ENFearsome FangsFredericks, Anthony D.7.31.0
134711 ENFebruary FriendRoy, Ron3.11.0
71306 ENFeed Me! Funky Food Science...Professor von OffelKorman/Capeci5.13.0
103582 ENFeeding the GullsCalvert, Deanna1.20.5
13812 ENFeel the WindDorros, Arthur3.70.5
9765 ENFeelingsAliki2.00.5
59048 ENFelicity Discovers a SecretTripp, Valerie4.50.5
134358 ENFelicity Floo Visits the ZooRedmond, E.S.3.50.5
6414 ENFelicity Learns a Lesson: A School StoryTripp, Valerie4.31.0
34678 ENFelicity's Dancing ShoesTripp, Valerie4.70.5
34681 ENFelicity's New SisterTripp, Valerie4.40.5
127107 ENFelicity the Friday FairyMeadows, Daisy4.31.0
2458 ENFelix and the 400 FrogsBuller, Jon3.20.5
136920 ENFelix Takes the StageLasky, Kathryn4.42.0
737 ENFellowship of the Ring, TheTolkien, J.R.R.6.129.0
139518 ENFences Between Us: The Diary of Piper Davis, TheLarson, Kirby5.08.0
142840 ENFenway Foul-Up, TheKelly, David A.3.91.0
110644 ENFergus and the Night-Demon: An Irish Ghost StoryMurphy, Jim4.80.5
111143 ENFergus CraneStewart, Paul5.64.0
88937 ENFern the Green FairyMeadows, Daisy3.61.0
113659 ENFerno the Fire DragonBlade, Adam4.51.0
56954 ENFernsFowler, Allan2.30.5
55852 ENFerocious FiresRichards, Julie5.91.0
116132 ENFerrariBullard, Lisa3.40.5
261 ENFerret in the Bedroom, Lizards in the FridgeWallace, Bill4.44.0
142174 ENFerret's a Foot, TheVenable, Colleen AF2.40.5
121095 ENFerris Wheel! George Ferris and His Amazing InventionSneed, Dani4.60.5
902008 ENFestival in Valencia (HM Edition)Miranda, Anne2.50.5
144144 ENFibble: The Fourth Circle of HeckBasye, Dale E.7.112.0
43467 ENFiddle FeverDoucet, Sharon Arms5.56.0
83541 ENField Beyond the Outfield, TheTeague, Mark3.40.5
101503 ENField Day from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike3.60.5
70127 ENField Guide, TheDiTerlizzi/Black4.21.0
47423 ENField of the Dogs, ThePaterson, Katherine3.81.0
105177 ENField Trip to Niagara FallsStilton, Geronimo3.51.0
58892 ENField Trips: Bug Hunting, Animal Tracking...& Shore WalkingArnosky, Jim6.21.0
71261 ENFierce Yellow Pumpkin, TheBrown, Margaret Wise3.70.5
129213 ENFiesta Dress: A Quinceañera Tale, TheMcNelly McCormack, Caren3.30.5
115116 ENFiesta FiascoPaul, Ann Whitford1.90.5
6920 ENFifteenCleary, Beverly5.47.0
14138 ENFig PuddingFletcher, Ralph3.94.0
40627 ENFight for LifeAnderson, Laurie Halse3.63.0
84319 ENFight to Survive, TheBisson, Terry4.24.0
84789 ENFighter PlanesDoeden, Matt1.90.5
566 ENFighting Ground, TheAvi4.24.0
13942 ENFighting TackleChristopher, Matt4.73.0
5659 ENFigure in Hiding, ADixon, Franklin W.5.35.0
126673 ENFinal Battle, TheFarshtey, Greg5.73.0
84377 ENFinal Battle, TheOsborne, Mary Pope5.31.0
147583 ENFinal Exam, TheDaneshvari, Gitty6.48.0
86063 ENFinal Showdown, TheWatson, Jude4.84.0
137409 ENFind the Cat! A Pet Club StoryHooks, Gwendolyn1.30.5
46346 ENFind the InsectFoley, Cate1.20.5
46348 ENFind the SnakeFoley, Cate1.10.5
50486 ENFinders KeepersWill2.80.5
18610 ENFinders Keepers for FranklinBourgeois, Paulette2.80.5
5361 ENFinding Buck McHenrySlote, Alfred3.56.0
73253 ENFinding My HatSon, John4.95.0
17770 ENFinding WalterTurner, Ann4.55.0
53195 ENFine, Fine School, ACreech, Sharon3.30.5
70042 ENFine Start: Meg's Prairie Diary, AMcMullan, Kate3.42.0
145773 ENFingertips of Duncan Dorfman, TheWolitzer, Meg5.29.0
136071 ENFinn McCool and the Great FishBunting, Eve4.00.5
132686 ENFinn Throws a Fit!Elliott, David1.20.5
82199 ENFiona McGilray's Story: A Voyage from Ireland in 1849Pastore, Clare4.25.0
112701 ENFiona's LuckBateman, Teresa4.50.5
136092 ENFiona the Flute FairyMeadows, Daisy4.41.0
108474 ENFira and the Full MoonHerman, Gail3.31.0
70122 ENFire and IceHunter, Erin5.411.0
4935 ENFire Engines (Machines at Work)Budd, E.S.1.90.5
122984 ENFire Eternal, Thed'Lacey, Chris4.812.0
7563 ENFire! Fire!Gibbons, Gail3.50.5
14411 ENFire! Fire! Said Mrs. McGuireMartin Jr., Bill0.80.5
70894 ENFire HorseSiamon, Sharon4.54.0
137747 ENFire in the SkyHunter, Erin5.09.0
18670 ENFire on the MountainKurtz, Jane4.20.5
16985 ENFire Pony, ThePhilbrick, Rodman4.95.0
19458 ENFire Race: A Karuk Coyote Tale...Came to the PeopleLondon, Jonathan4.00.5
111259 ENFire Stard'Lacey, Chris4.812.0
8009 ENFire Station, TheMunsch, Robert N.2.60.5
14842 ENFire!: The Beginnings of the Labor MovementGoldin, Barbara Diamond3.21.0
113672 ENFire TrucksLindeen, Mary1.20.5
87157 ENFire Within, TheD'Lacey, Chris4.17.0
143878 ENFire Worldd'Lacey, Chris4.915.0
102605 ENFirebears: The Rescue TeamGreene, Rhonda Gowler1.70.5
63491 ENFireboat: The Heroic Adventures of the John J. HarveyKalman, Maira3.10.5
41942 ENFirefighters A to ZDemarest, Chris L.1.70.5
81293 ENFirefighters' Thanksgiving, TheBoelts, Maribeth1.80.5
127011 ENFirefighters, TheWhiting, Sue1.70.5
83709 ENFirefighters to the Rescue!Kalman, Bobbie4.90.5
122367 ENFirefliesBryant, Megan E.4.10.5
41742 ENFireflies in the NightHawes, Judy3.30.5
138248 ENFirehouse!Teague, Mark1.50.5
133846 ENFirehouse Fun!Klein, Abby3.31.0
17564 ENFirehouse Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.32.0
26920 ENFirehouse SalBrimner, Larry Dane0.90.5
44247 ENFireman SmallYee, Wong Herbert3.20.5
118241 ENFirestar's QuestHunter, Erin5.519.0
32303 ENFiretalkingPolacco, Patricia4.30.5
63237 ENFirewingOppel, Kenneth5.012.0
23667 ENFirework-Maker's Daughter, ThePullman, Philip5.32.0
107301 ENFireworks at the FBIRoy, Ron3.91.0
44131 ENFireworks, Picnics, and FlagsGiblin, James Cross7.73.0
104741 ENFirst American ColoniesOney, Yannick4.60.5
65282 ENFirst Book of Myths, AHoffman, Mary4.61.0
36639 ENFirst Day, Hooray!Poydar, Nancy2.70.5
64289 ENFirst Day in GrapesPérez, L. King3.20.5
41001 ENFirst Day JittersDanneberg, Julie2.40.5
131524 ENFirst Day of SchoolMayer, Mercer1.30.5
88756 ENFirst Day of School, TheMcNamara, Margaret1.40.5
130623 ENFirst DogLewis, J. Patrick3.00.5
45891 ENFirst Dog, TheBrett, Jan3.90.5
16862 ENFirst Flight: The Story of Tom Tate and the Wright BrothersShea, George2.90.5
5012 ENFirst Four Years, TheWilder, Laura Ingalls5.84.0
85541 ENFirst-Grade BunnyMcNamara, Margaret1.40.5
138384 ENFirst Grade JittersQuackenbush, Robert1.90.5
9579 ENFirst Strawberries, TheBruchac, Joseph3.50.5
56179 ENFirst Thanksgiving, TheWhitehurst, Susan5.00.5
7369 ENFirst Thanksgiving, TheHayward, Linda2.90.5
6417 ENFirst Woman Doctor, TheBaker, Rachel7.810.0
67311 ENFirst Year LettersDanneberg, Julie4.30.5
17222 ENFishParker, Steve7.61.0
27756 ENFishHansen, Ann Larkin4.30.5
125435 ENFishHamilton, Lynn5.21.0
5219 ENFish FaceGiff, Patricia Reilly2.71.0
77388 ENFish in Room 11, TheDyer, Heather4.73.0
18611 ENFish Is FishLionni, Leo3.70.5
49392 ENFish out of Water, APalmer, Helen1.70.5
122494 ENFish Who Cried Wolf, TheDonaldson, Julia2.20.5
48222 ENFish (Wonder Books)Klingel/Noyed1.40.5
121609 ENFisherman and the Turtle, TheKimmel, Eric A.3.00.5
15194 ENFisherman BatsGerholdt, Pamela J.4.10.5
26240 ENFishing BearsBerman, Ruth1.90.5
83156 ENFishy Field Trip, TheSchwabacher, Martin4.42.0
83275 ENFishy TalesLock, Deborah1.40.5
44195 ENFive Brave ExplorersHudson, Wade4.40.5
84537 ENFive Brilliant ScientistsJones, Lynda5.01.0
140878 ENFive Fouls and You're OutPriebe, Val3.00.5
40701 ENFive Goofy GhostsStamper, Judith Bauer3.10.5
3052 ENFive Little DucksRaffi1.80.5
115627 ENFive Little Monkeys Go ShoppingChristelow, Eileen2.70.5
146071 ENFive Little Monkeys Reading in BedChristelow, Eileen1.90.5
43228 ENFive Little Monkeys Sitting in a TreeChristelow, Eileen1.70.5
43609 ENFive Little Monkeys Wash the CarChristelow, Eileen2.20.5
65663 ENFive Little Monkeys with Nothing to DoChristelow, Eileen2.10.5
127457 ENFive Riddles for RobinDahl, Michael3.81.0
7216 ENFive Silly FishermenEdwards, Roberta1.50.5
50150 ENFive Smooth Stones: Hope's DiaryGregory, Kristiana4.42.0
59505 ENFix-ItMcPhail, David1.10.5
62822 ENFlag for All (Rookie Choices), ABrimner, Larry Dane2.60.5
86261 ENFlag with Fifty-Six Stars: A Gift...Survivors of Mauthausen, TheRubin, Susan Goldman6.20.5
127954 ENFlamingosMalone, Jean M.3.20.5
104847 ENFlamingos on the RoofBrown, Calef3.30.5
49404 ENFlap Your WingsEastman, P.D.2.00.5
13813 ENFlash, Crash, Rumble, and RollBranley, Franklyn M.3.30.5
145001 ENFlat BrokePaulsen, Gary5.13.0
13392 ENFlat StanleyBrown, Jeff4.01.0
112345 ENFlat Stanley (Abridged)Brown, Jeff3.20.5
138975 ENFlat Stanley and the Haunted HouseBrown, Jeff2.20.5
132643 ENFlawed Dogs: The Shocking Raid on WestminsterBreathed, Berkeley5.65.0
114 ENFledgling, TheLangton, Jane5.06.0
109976 ENFletcher and the Falling LeavesRawlinson, Julia3.20.5
45135 ENFlicker FlashGraham, Joan Bransfield4.40.5
5660 ENFlickering Torch Mystery, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.05.0
55853 ENFliesMcEvey, Shane F.5.11.0
19115 ENFlies Are FascinatingWilkinson, Valerie2.60.5
2862 ENFlies Can Taste with Their FeetTaylor, Helen4.60.5
126902 ENFlight ExplorerKibuishi, Kazu2.20.5
100630 ENFlight of the DodoBrown, Peter4.10.5
76338 ENFlight of the GenieAbbott, Tony3.62.0
126499 ENFlight of the QuetzalcoatlusStone, Rex3.91.0
146506 ENFlint Heart, ThePaterson, John6.45.0
121496 ENFlip, Float, Fly: Seeds on the MoveMacken, JoAnn Early2.20.5
147205 ENFlip-Flop and the Absolutely Awful New BabyLevy, Janice1.60.5
147206 ENFlip-Flop and the BFFsLevy, Janice1.70.5
147207 ENFlip-Flop and the Bully Frogs GruffLevy, Janice2.50.5
53684 ENFlippedVan Draanen, Wendelin4.88.0
25247 ENFloating in SpaceBranley, Franklyn M.4.60.5
28490 ENFlood: Wrestling with the MississippiLauber, Patricia5.81.0
902155 ENFloods (HM Edition)Simons, Barbara Brooks3.70.5
132281 ENFloop Does the LaundryTremblay, Carole1.10.5
132282 ENFloop in the DarkTremblay, Carole1.60.5
132283 ENFloop's FlowersTremblay, Carole1.30.5
132284 ENFloop's New UmbrellaTremblay, Carole1.60.5
146286 ENFloorsCarman, Patrick5.78.0
138714 ENFlora's Very Windy DayBirdsall, Jeanne3.40.5
137615 ENFlora the Dress-Up FairyMeadows, Daisy4.91.0
62843 ENFloridaBredeson, Carmen2.40.5
73501 ENFlorida Fog PhantomsRand, Johnathan3.42.0
5013 ENFlossie and the FoxMcKissack, Patricia C.3.20.5
119314 ENFlossing TeethSchuh, Mari1.80.5
143529 ENFlower FeudDaly, Catherine R.4.04.0
78055 ENFlower Girl ButterfliesHoward, Elizabeth Fitzgerald2.90.5
120586 ENFlower PowerKrulik, Nancy3.51.0
54759 ENFlowers from MarikoNoguchi/Jenks4.30.5
108093 ENFluffy and BaronRankin, Laura2.70.5
62238 ENFluffy and the FirefightersMcMullan, Kate2.40.5
62239 ENFluffy Goes Apple PickingMcMullan, Kate2.10.5
32576 ENFluffy Goes to SchoolMcMullan, Kate2.20.5
137478 ENFluffy Goes to WashingtonMcMullan, Kate2.40.5
62240 ENFluffy Grows a GardenMcMullan, Kate2.20.5
137479 ENFluffy Learns to SwimMcMullan, Kate2.20.5
62241 ENFluffy Meets the DinosaursMcMullan, Kate2.70.5
73310 ENFluffy Meets the Tooth FairyMcMullan, Kate2.60.5
77000 ENFluffy Plants a Jelly BeanMcMullan, Kate2.60.5
62243 ENFluffy's 100th Day at SchoolMcMullan, Kate2.50.5
62244 ENFluffy's Funny Field TripMcMullan, Kate2.10.5
73311 ENFluffy's Lucky DayMcMullan, Kate2.00.5
64102 ENFluffy's School Bus AdventureMcMullan, Kate2.30.5
62245 ENFluffy's Silly SummerMcMullan, Kate2.20.5
64103 ENFluffy's Spring VacationMcMullan, Kate2.20.5
137480 ENFluffy's Trick-or-TreatMcMullan, Kate2.10.5
62247 ENFluffy's Valentine's DayMcMullan, Kate2.20.5
165 ENFlunking of Joshua T. Bates, TheShreve, Susan5.12.0
101038 ENFlushHiaasen, Carl5.09.0
57405 ENFly!Myers, Christopher3.90.5
6063 ENFly Away HomeBunting, Eve2.70.5
135780 ENFly Guy Meets Fly Girl!Arnold, Tedd1.40.5
145162 ENFly Guy vs. the Flyswatter!Arnold, Tedd2.10.5
122340 ENFly High, Fly Guy!Arnold, Tedd1.40.5
46137 ENFly High! The Story of Bessie ColemanBorden/Kroeger4.50.5
19566 ENFly Homer FlyPeet, Bill5.00.5
121557 ENFly, Monarch! Fly!Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth3.70.5
122360 ENFly Went By, AMcClintock, Mike1.90.5
127036 ENFlyboy of UnderwhereHale, Bruce3.01.0
128024 ENFlygirlSmith, Sherri L.4.311.0
45927 ENFlying Ace: The Story of Amelia EarhartBull, Angela5.01.0
148692 ENFlying Beaver Brothers and the Evil Penguin Plan, TheEaton III, Maxwell2.10.5
113228 ENFlying Bed, TheWillard, Nancy5.01.0
147260 ENFlying Chinese Wonders, TheGreenhut, Josh4.11.0
32172 ENFlying Flea, Callie, and Me, TheWallace, Bill/Carol3.52.0
15195 ENFlying Fox BatsGerholdt, Pamela J.4.20.5
58680 ENFlying Free: Corey's Underground Railroad DiaryWyeth, Sharon Dennis3.31.0
32047 ENFlying SoloFletcher, Ralph3.93.0
40213 ENFlying Tortoise: An Igbo Tale, TheMollel, Tololwa M.3.90.5
105651 ENFlyteSage, Angie6.016.0
73254 ENFoal in the FogBaglio, Ben M.4.33.0
57133 ENFoals in the FieldBaglio, Ben M.3.83.0
468 ENFog MagicSauer, Julia6.14.0
85578 ENFold Me a PoemGeorge, Kristine O'Connell2.10.5
32994 ENFolks Call Me Appleseed JohnGlass, Andrew4.90.5
115497 ENFollow Me, MittensSchaefer, Lola M.1.60.5
104971 ENFollow That Flea!Mooser, Stephen2.50.5
28792 ENFollow the Drinking GourdWinter, Jeanette4.30.5
45239 ENFollow the LeaderSilverman, Erica1.20.5
49900 ENFollow the LemmingThorpe, Kiki1.90.5
13814 ENFollow the Water from Brook to OceanDorros, Arthur3.60.5
49782 ENFollowing Fake ManHolmes, Barbara Ware3.76.0
142038 ENFollowing the Trail of Marco PoloStilton, Geronimo3.71.0
121241 ENFood AllergiesTaylor-Butler, Christine5.00.5
83150 ENFood Chain FrenzyCapeci, Anne4.42.0
1655 ENFood Chain (Straightforward Science)Riley, Peter5.50.5
79355 ENFood Chains and Webs: From Producers to DecomposersSpilsbury, Louise/Richard5.81.0
58493 ENFood Chains in a Backyard HabitatNadeau, Isaac4.80.5
58494 ENFood Chains in a Desert HabitatNadeau, Isaac5.10.5
58495 ENFood Chains in a Forest HabitatNadeau, Isaac5.00.5
58496 ENFood Chains in a Meadow HabitatNadeau, Isaac5.10.5
58497 ENFood Chains in a Pond HabitatNadeau, Isaac4.90.5
58498 ENFood Chains in a Tide Pool HabitatNadeau, Isaac5.40.5
72209 ENFood Fight!Homzie, H.B.3.41.0
57610 ENFood in Colonial AmericaThomas, Mark2.10.5
121245 ENFood Pyramid, TheTaylor-Butler, Christine4.70.5
121242 ENFood SafetyTaylor-Butler, Christine4.60.5
61190 ENFood Safety (Rookie Read-About Health)Gordon, Sharon1.90.5
136344 ENFooled You!Krulik, Nancy2.40.5
9018 ENFoot Book, TheSeuss, Dr.0.60.5
87013 ENFootballBuckley, James7.51.0
131701 ENFootballMcClellan, Ray4.00.5
67986 ENFootballKlingel, Cynthia2.10.5
75103 ENFootball (Children's Press)Kennedy, Mike5.40.5
73266 ENFootball FrightHerman, Gail2.20.5
5363 ENFootball FugitiveChristopher, Matt4.52.0
115892 ENFootball Genius: A NovelGreen, Tim4.87.0
121938 ENFootball HeroGreen, Tim5.19.0
54512 ENFootball NightmareChristopher/Hirschfeld4.73.0
46887 ENFootball: PassingHolden, Stephen5.10.5
112391 ENFootball StarsBuckman, Virginia5.81.0
75034 ENFootball (Watts Library)Kennedy, Mike6.91.0
5661 ENFootprints Under the WindowDixon, Franklin W.6.15.0
124451 ENFor the Love of AutumnPolacco, Patricia4.20.5
53312 ENFor the Love of BikingCraats, Rennay5.40.5
116164 ENFor the Love of BubblesBanks, Steven3.21.0
17282 ENFor the Love of the Game: Michael Jordan and MeGreenfield, Eloise3.50.5
71307 ENFor This Land: Meg's Prairie DiaryMcMullan, Kate3.62.0
26735 ENFor Your Eyes OnlyRocklin, Joanne4.32.0
116133 ENFord MustangBullard, Lisa3.50.5
136579 ENForest Charm, ABentley, Sue4.42.0
86108 ENForest Explorer: A Life-Size Field GuideBishop, Nic5.11.0
51131 ENForest FiresSalas, Laura Purdie4.61.0
41664 ENForest in the Clouds, TheCollard, Sneed B.5.20.5
73953 ENForest of SecretsHunter, Erin5.811.0
108226 ENForestsGreen, Emily K.2.40.5
59064 ENForests of Silence, TheRodda, Emily5.04.0
27724 ENForever Amber BrownDanziger, Paula3.81.0
83168 ENForging of the Blade, TheLa Fevers, R.L.4.23.0
15515 ENForgotten Voyager: The Story of Amerigo VespucciAlper, Ann Fitzpatrick6.42.0
148120 ENForgotten Warrior, TheHunter, Erin5.211.0
26596 ENForklifts (Machines at Work)Eick, Jean2.40.5
79400 ENFormula One CarsSchaefer, A. R.4.40.5
83691 ENFortress of the Treasure Queen, TheAbbott, Tony3.92.0
112365 ENFortune Cookies of Weevil, TheReynolds, Aaron2.60.5
6360 ENFortune-Tellers, TheAlexander, Lloyd4.60.5
27750 ENForty Acres and Maybe a MuleRobinet, Harriette Gillem4.35.0
17223 ENFossilTaylor, Paul D.8.21.0
67683 ENFossilsTrueit, Trudi Strain7.81.0
13815 ENFossils Tell of Long AgoAliki3.60.5
121302 ENFoundHaddix, Margaret Peterson5.09.0
102932 ENFounders: The 39 Stories Behind the U.S. Constitution, TheFradin, Dennis B.8.86.0
141887 ENFour Clues for RaniDaly, Cartherine4.01.0
11362 ENFour Famished Foxes and FosdykeEdwards, Pamela Duncan3.00.5
135150 ENFour Feet, Two SandalsWilliams, Karen Lynn3.20.5
48223 ENFour Fish: The Sound of FFlanagan, Alice K.0.70.5
6213 ENFour Gallant Sisters, TheKimmel, Eric A.4.70.5
77124 ENFour Mice Deep in the JungleStilton, Geronimo3.11.0
7312 ENFour on the ShoreMarshall, Edward2.30.5
86771 ENFour's a CrowdChanda, J-P3.10.5
117729 ENFour-Star Challenge, TheDewin, Howard3.61.0
69684 ENFour-Story Mistake, TheEnright, Elizabeth5.77.0
58528 ENFour Ugly Cats in Apartment 3D, TheSachs, Marilyn3.21.0
134469 ENFourth Apprentice, TheHunter, Erin5.411.0
5416 ENFourth-Grade CelebrityGiff, Patricia Reilly5.63.0
11465 ENFourth Grade is a JinxMcKenna, Colleen O'Shaughnessy4.44.0
6361 ENFourth Grade RatsSpinelli, Jerry2.62.0
61049 ENFourth Pony Pal, TheBetancourt, Jeanne3.62.0
23867 ENFox All WeekMarshall, Edward2.00.5
17523 ENFox and His FriendsMarshall, Edward2.00.5
36425 ENFox and the Stork, TheMcDermott, Gerald1.80.5
17524 ENFox at SchoolMarshall, Edward2.20.5
40703 ENFox Be NimbleMarshall, James2.00.5
18577 ENFox Busters, TheKing-Smith, Dick7.04.0
50513 ENFox EyesGerstein, Mordicai4.01.0
6214 ENFox in a TrapThomas, Jane Resh4.82.0
10518 ENFox in LoveMarshall, Edward1.80.5
9019 ENFox in SocksSeuss, Dr2.10.5
57134 ENFox in the FrostBaglio, Ben M.4.34.0
9588 ENFox on StageMarshall, James2.10.5
7313 ENFox on the JobMarshall, James2.00.5
31415 ENFox on WheelsMarshall, Edward1.90.5
23868 ENFox OutfoxedMarshall, James2.20.5
11763 ENFox: Playful Prowler, TheHavard, Christian4.90.5
218 ENFox Steals Home, TheChristopher, Matt4.54.0
48207 ENFox: The Sound of X, AFlanagan, Alice K.0.60.5
139052 ENFoxesGreen, Emily1.30.5
11171 ENFraidy CatsKrensky, Stephen2.00.5
138136 ENFramedKorman, Gordon5.26.0
41003 ENFran's FlowerBruce, Lisa1.70.5
86243 ENFran That Time Forgot, TheBenton, Jim4.51.0
111144 ENFran with Four Brains, TheBenton, Jim4.91.0
54214 ENFranceLandau, Elaine5.80.5
139454 ENFranceGrack, Rachel4.80.5
34559 ENFrancine, Believe It or NotBrown/Krensky3.21.0
43118 ENFrancine the SuperstarBrown/Krensky3.61.0
56212 ENFrancisco PizarroDonaldson-Forbes, Jeff4.90.5
110155 ENFrancisco Pizarro: A Primary Source BiographyHoogenboom, Lynn5.40.5
125147 ENFrandidate, TheBenton, Jim5.31.0
137084 ENFrank and BeansWargin, Kathy-jo2.50.5
136999 ENFrank and Beans and the Grouchy NeighborWargin, Kathy-jo1.90.5
137086 ENFrank and Beans and the Scary CampoutWargin, Kathy-jo2.20.5
115944 ENFrank Was a Monster Who Wanted to DanceGraves, Keith1.50.5
48326 ENFrankenbugCousins, Steven5.14.0
10666 ENFrankenstein Doesn't Plant PetuniasDadey/Jones3.71.0
35401 ENFrankenstein Doesn't Slam Hockey PucksDadey/Jones4.01.0
107241 ENFrankenstein Makes a SandwichRex, Adam4.00.5
7723 ENFrankenstein Moved in on the Fourth FloorLevy, Elizabeth3.41.0
105124 ENFrankenstein: Retold from the Mary Shelley OriginalMcFadden, Deanna4.33.0
122900 ENFrankenstein Takes the CakeRex, Adam3.70.5
130816 ENFrankie Pickle and the Closet of DoomWight, Eric3.51.0
136087 ENFrankie Pickle and the Pine Run 3000Wight, Eric3.71.0
126359 ENFrankie SteinSchaefer, Lola M.2.80.5
136478 ENFrankie Works the Night ShiftPeters, Lisa Westberg1.30.5
45579 ENFranklin and HarrietBourgeois, Paulette2.50.5
61333 ENFranklin and Otter's VisitBourgeois/Jennings2.60.5
50227 ENFranklin and the BabyBourgeois/Moore2.70.5
62248 ENFranklin and the Baby-sitterBourgeois/Jennings2.80.5
64705 ENFranklin and the Big KidBourgeois/Jennings2.80.5
69326 ENFranklin and the ComputerBourgeois/Jennings2.40.5
50228 ENFranklin and the HeroJennings, Sharon3.20.5
61286 ENFranklin and the Magic ShowBourgeois/Jennings1.90.5
24969 ENFranklin and the ThunderstormBourgeois, Paulette2.50.5
18612 ENFranklin and the Tooth FairyBourgeois, Paulette2.60.5
49149 ENFranklin D. Roosevelt: Our Thirty-second PresidentMaupin, Melissa6.01.0
18613 ENFranklin FibsBourgeois, Paulette2.70.5
50230 ENFranklin Goes to Day CampBourgeois, Paulette2.60.5
18614 ENFranklin Goes to SchoolBourgeois, Paulette2.90.5
32902 ENFranklin Goes to the HospitalBourgeois/Jennings3.40.5
18615 ENFranklin Has a SleepoverBourgeois, Paulette2.60.5
18616 ENFranklin in the DarkBourgeois, Paulette2.50.5
18617 ENFranklin Is BossyBourgeois, Paulette2.20.5
18618 ENFranklin Is LostBourgeois, Paulette2.60.5
18619 ENFranklin Is MessyBourgeois, Paulette2.80.5
102796 ENFranklin Pierce: Fourteenth PresidentVenezia, Mike5.40.5
49150 ENFranklin Pierce: Our Fourteenth PresidentFerry, Steven6.21.0
62249 ENFranklin Plants a TreeBourgeois/Jennings2.90.5
18620 ENFranklin Plays the GameBourgeois, Paulette2.80.5
16877 ENFranklin Rides a BikeBourgeois, Paulette2.60.5
41717 ENFranklin's Baby SisterBourgeois, Paulette2.70.5
16956 ENFranklin's Bad DayBourgeois, Paulette2.50.5
50233 ENFranklin's Bicycle HelmetBourgeois/Moore2.80.5
58874 ENFranklin's Birthday PartyBourgeois/Jennings2.70.5
18622 ENFranklin's BlanketBourgeois, Paulette3.00.5
30704 ENFranklin's Christmas GiftBourgeois, Paulette3.10.5
30709 ENFranklin's Class TripBourgeois, Paulette2.50.5
18623 ENFranklin's HalloweenBourgeois, Paulette2.70.5
86673 ENFranklin's Library BookJennings, Sharon1.80.5
61287 ENFranklin's Music LessonsBourgeois/Jennings2.30.5
32132 ENFranklin's NeighborhoodBourgeois, Paulette2.90.5
18624 ENFranklin's New FriendBourgeois, Paulette2.70.5
83522 ENFranklin's PumpkinJennings, Sharon2.30.5
69329 ENFranklin's Reading ClubBourgeois/Jennings2.20.5
18625 ENFranklin's School PlayBourgeois, Paulette3.00.5
24968 ENFranklin's Secret ClubBourgeois, Paulette3.20.5
73417 ENFranklin's SurpriseBourgeois/Jennings1.90.5
53353 ENFranklin's ThanksgivingBourgeois/Jennings3.20.5
69330 ENFranklin's Trading CardsBourgeois/Jennings2.40.5
30710 ENFranklin's ValentinesBourgeois, Paulette2.90.5
55985 ENFranklin Says I Love YouBourgeois, Paulette3.20.5
50232 ENFranklin Says SorryBourgeois/Jennings2.60.5
69327 ENFranklin SnoopsBourgeois/Jennings2.50.5
69328 ENFranklin Stays UpBourgeois/Jennings1.90.5
82852 ENFranklin the DetectiveJennings, Sharon2.00.5
73416 ENFranklin Wants a BadgeJennings, Sharon3.00.5
18621 ENFranklin Wants a PetBourgeois, Paulette2.50.5
140209 ENFrankly, FrannieStern, AJ4.52.0
118641 ENFrannie in PiecesEphron, Delia4.78.0
103805 ENFrantastic VoyageBenton, Jim4.81.0
104972 ENFreak Out! Animals Beyond Your Wildest ImaginationClarke, Ginjer L.3.60.5
5331 ENFreak the Mighty/The MightyPhilbrick, Rodman5.55.0
262 ENFreckle JuiceBlume, Judy3.10.5
119502 ENFreckleface StrawberryMoore, Julianne2.10.5
131353 ENFreckleface Strawberry and the Dodgeball BullyMoore, Julianne2.30.5
144070 ENFred and Ted's Road TripEastman, Peter1.10.5
118748 ENFred & Anthony Meet the Demented Super-Degerm-O ZombiePrimavera, Elise4.31.0
120332 ENFred & Anthony Meet the Heinie Goblins from the Black LagoonPrimavera, Elise4.01.0
115335 ENFred Stays with Me!Coffelt, Nancy1.80.5
77202 ENFreddy in Peril: Book Two in the Golden Hamster SagaReiche, Dietlof4.94.0
114626 ENFreddy's Final QuestReiche, Dietlof5.06.0
102142 ENFreddy to the Rescue: Book Three in the Golden Hamster SagaReiche, Dietlof5.15.0
74343 ENFrederic Remington (Getting to Know the World's...Artists)Venezia, Mike5.10.5
6064 ENFrederickLionni, Leo3.10.5
45928 ENFree at Last: The Story of Martin Luther King, Jr.Bull, Angela5.71.0
103765 ENFree BaseballCorbett, Sue4.35.0
124452 ENFree the WormsKrulik, Nancy3.31.0
17026 ENFreedom Child of the SeaKeens-Douglas, Richardo4.50.5
29996 ENFreedom CrossingClark, Margaret Goff4.65.0
85292 ENFreedom on the Menu: The Greensboro Sit-InsWeatherford, Carole Boston3.50.5
44944 ENFreedom RiverRappaport, Doreen3.30.5
52592 ENFreedom's Wings: Corey's DiaryWyeth, Sharon Dennis3.01.0
46498 ENFreedom School, Yes!Littlesugar, Amy3.40.5
46086 ENFreedom SummerWiles, Deborah3.20.5
34983 ENFreedom Train: The Story of Harriet TubmanSterling, Dorothy6.26.0
107528 ENFreedom Walkers: The Story of the Montgomery Bus BoycottFreedman, Russell7.73.0
135752 ENFreefallGordon, Roderick6.525.0
106043 ENFreegladerStewart, Paul6.413.0
141284 ENFreeze FrameO'Ryan, Ellie4.92.0
137441 ENFreezer BurnedBell, Jake5.85.0
46783 ENFreshwater Giants: Hippopotamus, River Dolphins, and ManateesPerry, Phyllis J.6.31.0
74358 ENFrida KahloLaidlaw, Jill A.7.61.0
53485 ENFriend for Dragon, APilkey, Dav2.70.5
69322 ENFriend for Sam, ALabatt, Mary1.90.5
130006 ENFriend or Fiend? With the Pain & the Great OneBlume, Judy2.81.0
106880 ENFriend or Foe?Barlow, Steve4.64.0
21493 ENFriendsHeine, Helme3.20.5
123550 ENFriends 4Ever?Hapka, Catherine4.22.0
32134 ENFriends EverywhereNapoli, Donna Jo3.61.0
76763 ENFriends for a PrincessLagonegro, Melissa1.20.5
84539 ENFriends for NeverKrulik, Nancy E.3.51.0
44035 ENFriends Go AdventuringHeine, Helme3.30.5
89259 ENFriends: Stories about New Friends, Old Friends...True FriendsMartin, Ann M.5.56.0
112565 ENFriendship for Today, AMcKissack, Patricia C.4.16.0
315 ENFriendship, TheTaylor, Mildred D.4.11.0
40711 ENFriendship Tree, TheCaple, Kathy2.20.5
120175 ENFright Before Christmas, TheHowe, James2.80.5
63323 ENFright Night FlightMelmed, Laura Krauss2.90.5
2114 ENFrightful's MountainGeorge, Jean Craighead4.78.0
105751 ENFrights! Camera! Action!Jones, Marcia Thornton4.11.0
16637 ENFrindleClements, Andrew5.42.0
88895 ENFringe-Lipped BatsWheeler, Jill C.4.10.5
6493 ENFritz and the Beautiful HorsesBrett, Jan3.40.5
149471 ENFrog and Fly: Six Slurpy StoriesMack, Jeff0.70.5
146107 ENFrog and FriendsBunting, Eve2.20.5
5512 ENFrog and Toad All YearLobel, Arnold2.60.5
6116 ENFrog and Toad Are FriendsLobel, Arnold2.90.5
5467 ENFrog and Toad TogetherLobel, Arnold2.90.5
78745 ENFrog in a BogHimmelman, John2.20.5
69594 ENFrog in the Bog, AWilson, Karma3.10.5
115452 ENFrog in the Pond, TheMara, Wil1.50.5
6065 ENFrog Prince Continued, TheScieszka, Jon3.20.5
5513 ENFrog Prince, TheTarcov, Edith2.80.5
68474 ENFrog Princess, TheBaker, E.D.4.87.0
54770 ENFrog Principal, TheCalmenson, Stephanie3.00.5
31722 ENFrog's LunchLillegard, Dee1.00.5
121447 ENFrog Thing, ADrachman, Eric3.00.5
52395 ENFrog Went A-Courtin'Langstaff, John2.70.5
43016 ENFroggy Bakes a CakeLondon, Jonathan2.60.5
147514 ENFroggy Builds a Tree HouseLondon, Jonathan2.20.5
53911 ENFroggy Eats OutLondon, Jonathan2.50.5
17526 ENFroggy Gets DressedLondon, Jonathan1.80.5
43610 ENFroggy Goes to BedLondon, Jonathan2.00.5
122341 ENFroggy Goes to CampLondon, Jonathan2.50.5
146229 ENFroggy Goes to HawaiiLondon, Jonathan2.30.5
15805 ENFroggy Goes to SchoolLondon, Jonathan2.40.5
64173 ENFroggy Goes to the DoctorLondon, Jonathan2.50.5
53534 ENFroggy Learns to SwimLondon, Jonathan2.00.5
57166 ENFroggy Plays in the BandLondon, Jonathan2.20.5
32246 ENFroggy Plays SoccerLondon, Jonathan2.20.5
109808 ENFroggy Plays T-BallLondon, Jonathan2.10.5
107353 ENFroggy Rides a BikeLondon, Jonathan2.10.5
75093 ENFroggy's Baby SisterLondon, Jonathan1.70.5
130164 ENFroggy's Best BabysitterLondon, Jonathan2.50.5
53912 ENFroggy's Best ChristmasLondon, Jonathan2.40.5
78935 ENFroggy's Day with DadLondon, Jonathan2.20.5
19844 ENFroggy's First KissLondon, Jonathan2.60.5
34586 ENFroggy's HalloweenLondon, Jonathan2.70.5
86410 ENFroggy's SleepoverLondon, Jonathan2.20.5
15805 SPFroggy va a la escuelaLondon, Jonathan2.20.5
115637 ENFrognappedSage, Angie4.63.0
14318 ENFrogsIvy, Bill5.20.5
25264 ENFrogsDriscoll, Laura1.80.5
131573 ENFrogs and Toads All Sang, TheLobel, Arnold3.00.5
118274 ENFrogs Wore Red Suspenders, ThePrelutsky, Jack4.70.5
46350 ENFrom Acorn to Oak TreeKottke, Jan1.60.5
118211 ENFrom Bulb to DaffodilWeiss, Ellen2.20.5
46351 ENFrom Caterpillar to MothKottke, Jan1.70.5
1661 ENFrom Egg to ChickenLegg, Gerald2.60.5
46352 ENFrom Egg to RobinKottke, Jan1.30.5
118212 ENFrom Eye to PotatoWeiss, Ellen2.10.5
13950 ENFrom Far AwayMunsch/Askar3.50.5
82347 ENFrom Head to ToeCarle, Eric1.00.5
71592 ENFrom Head to Toe: The Amazing Body and How It WorksSeuling, Barbara5.81.0
118213 ENFrom Kernel to CorncobWeiss, Ellen2.80.5
118214 ENFrom Pinecone to Pine TreeWeiss, Ellen2.90.5
118215 ENFrom Pit to Peach TreeWeiss, Ellen2.30.5
46353 ENFrom Seed to DandelionKottke, Jan1.50.5
118216 ENFrom Seed to DandelionWeiss, Ellen2.50.5
56955 ENFrom Seed to PlantFowler, Allan2.30.5
24913 ENFrom Seed to PlantGibbons, Gail3.40.5
46354 ENFrom Seed to PumpkinKottke, Jan1.60.5
46355 ENFrom Tadpole to FrogKottke, Jan1.10.5
134567 ENFrom Tadpole to FrogPfeffer, Wendy3.00.5
60431 ENFrom the Horse's MouthMackel, Kathy4.05.0
29 ENFrom the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. FrankweilerKonigsburg, E.L.4.75.0
89048 ENFrom This Day OnBrooke, Lauren5.56.0
68018 ENFrom Wax to CrayonNelson, Robin2.10.5
130732 ENFrost BitesOgden, Charles5.24.0
147655 ENFrost WolfLasky, Kathryn5.47.0
104980 ENFrosty's New FriendsNelson, Steve1.60.5
32686 ENFrozen StiffShahan, Sherry4.85.0
12694 ENFruit Flies, Fish & Fortune CookiesLeMieux, Anne4.44.0
108381 ENFruitsGreen, Emily K.2.20.5
5220 ENFudge-a-ManiaBlume, Judy3.33.0
88919 ENFugitive Factor, TheKorman, Gordon5.14.0
67710 ENFull, Full, Full of LoveCooke, Trish2.60.5
44160 ENFull Moon FeverStine, R.L.3.43.0
53563 ENFull Moon HalloweenStine, R.L.3.23.0
1571 ENFull of EnergyHewitt, Sally4.10.5
57611 ENFun and Games in Colonial AmericaThomas, Mark1.60.5
127458 ENFun House of EvilLemke, Donald3.60.5
117172 ENFun Land Fun!Kido, Yukiko1.00.5
132893 ENFun on the PlaygroundMeier, Joanne0.90.5
48224 ENFun! The Sound of Short UBallard/Klingel0.60.5
110927 ENFun Weather DaysRosenberg, Pam2.30.5
42125 ENFungus That Ate My School, TheDorros, Arthur3.00.5
39807 ENFunnie Family VacationJinkins/Ryan3.60.5
128694 ENFunny CarsVon Finn, Denny3.60.5
142662 ENFunny CarsSteele, Cameron3.90.5
129865 ENFunny FarmTeague, Mark1.50.5
46784 ENFunny Fishes (Watts Library)Miller, Sara Swan6.21.0
59366 ENFunny FrankKing-Smith, Dick5.01.0
24931 ENFunny, Funny LyleWaber, Bernard4.10.5
7568 ENFunny Little Woman, TheMosel, Arlene3.60.5
7724 ENFurther Adventures of Hank the Cowdog, TheErickson, John R.4.43.0