Accelerated Reader Quiz List - Reading Practice

Quiz No.



Book Level


82897 END Is for Democracy: A Citizen's AlphabetGrodin, Elissa7.31.0
16975 END.W. All WetBrown, Marc1.40.5
16976 END.W. FlipsBrown, Marc1.50.5
36595 END.W., Go to Your Room!Brown, Marc2.40.5
16978 END.W. Rides AgainBrown, Marc2.20.5
53532 END.W.'s Library CardBrown, Marc2.50.5
25266 END.W.'s Lost BlankieBrown, Marc2.60.5
83078 END.W.'s Perfect PresentBrown, Marc1.50.5
16977 END.W. the Picky EaterBrown, Marc2.90.5
16979 END.W. Thinks BigBrown, Marc2.40.5
80682 ENDa Wild, Da Crazy, Da VinciScieszka, Jon3.61.0
103077 ENDad, Jackie, and MeUhlberg, Myron3.80.5
68875 ENDaddy Calls Me ManJohnson, Angela1.10.5
57161 ENDaisy Comes HomeBrett, Jan3.80.5
114576 ENDaisy Jane, Best-Ever Flower GirlMcDonald, Megan2.40.5
6260 ENDakota DugoutTurner, Ann3.30.5
110782 ENDale Earnhardt Jr. (Lerner Publishing)Doeden, Matt6.03.0
53199 ENDance!Cooper, Elisha4.20.5
46619 ENDance, AnnieFriedman, Dawn0.80.5
11166 ENDance at Grandpa'sWilder, Laura Ingalls3.70.5
18713 ENDance with RosieGiff, Patricia Reilly3.41.0
44750 ENDancing in the WingsAllen, Debbie3.50.5
106009 ENDancing LarryPinkwater, Daniel3.50.5
59596 ENDancing with the IndiansMedearis, Angela Shelf3.30.5
11460 ENDanger Down UnderKeene, Carolyn5.37.0
20682 ENDanger in the ExtremeDixon, Franklin W.4.64.0
5657 ENDanger on Vampire TrailDixon, Franklin W.5.15.0
75439 ENDangerous Dolls of DelawareRand, Johnathan3.63.0
78940 ENDangerous Path, AHunter, Erin5.912.0
11461 ENDangerous Promise, ANixon, Joan Lowery6.07.0
23 ENDaniel BooneDaugherty, James7.74.0
100946 ENDaniel BooneRansom, Candice4.41.0
55902 ENDanitra Brown Leaves TownGrimes, Nikki3.90.5
6060 ENDanny and the DinosaurHoff, Syd2.30.5
27486 ENDanny and the Dinosaur Go to CampHoff, Syd1.80.5
5007 ENDanny, the Champion of the WorldDahl, Roald4.76.0
465 ENDaphne's BookHahn, Mary Downing4.26.0
84002 ENDare to Be Scared: Thirteen Stories to Chill and ThrillSan Souci, Robert D.5.45.0
45341 ENDaredevilsDixon, Franklin W.5.24.0
121639 ENDark Day in the Deep SeaOsborne, Mary Pope3.82.0
139110 ENDark Emperor and Other Poems of the NightSidman, Joyce6.10.5
140506 ENDark Game: True Spy Stories, TheJaneczko, Paul B.9.69.0
86676 ENDark Hills Divide, TheCarman, Patrick6.110.0
109 ENDark Is Rising, TheCooper, Susan6.213.0
119907 ENDark RiverHunter, Erin4.310.0
8006 ENDark, TheMunsch, Robert N.2.70.5
82929 ENDarkest Hour, TheHunter, Erin6.312.0
82845 ENDarkness Below, TheFarshtey, Greg5.23.0
55194 ENDarth MaulWatson, Jude4.93.0
145596 ENDarth Paper Strikes Back: An Origami Yoda BookAngleberger, Tom4.63.0
130822 ENDashMills, Elizabeth3.00.5
56938 ENDashing Dog Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn3.51.0
35635 ENDave at NightLevine, Gail Carson3.68.0
36596 ENDavid Goes to SchoolShannon, David0.90.5
8007 ENDavid's FatherMunsch, Robert N.3.20.5
67189 ENDavy CrockettAlphin, Elaine Marie4.81.0
53200 ENDavy Crockett Saves the WorldSchanzer, Rosalyn5.00.5
103835 ENDawnHunter, Erin5.111.0
6510 ENDawn and the Big SleepoverMartin, Ann M.4.34.0
6511 ENDawn and the Impossible ThreeMartin, Ann M.3.94.0
6512 ENDawn and the Older BoyMartin, Ann M.4.24.0
19362 ENDawn and the Surfer GhostMartin, Ann M.4.74.0
6513 ENDawn on the CoastMartin, Ann M.4.04.0
6514 ENDawn's Big DateMartin, Ann M.3.84.0
19314 ENDawn's Family FeudMartin, Ann M.3.93.0
6515 ENDawn's Wicked StepsisterMartin, Ann M.4.34.0
49752 ENDay Eddie Met the Author, TheBorden, Louise3.90.5
35988 ENDay I Had to Play with My Sister, TheBonsall, Crosby0.50.5
41444 ENDay I Saw My Father Cry, TheCosby, Bill3.00.5
5358 ENDay in the Life of a Ballet Dancer, AMartin, John5.90.5
45919 ENDay in the Life of a Teacher, AHayward, Linda2.20.5
5466 ENDay Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash, TheNoble, Trinka Hakes2.20.5
7668 ENDay of Ahmed's Secret, TheHeide, Florence Parry3.40.5
54965 ENDay of Reckoning, TheWatson, Jude5.04.0
18714 ENDay of the BlizzardMoskin, Marietta4.01.0
58968 ENDay of the Dinosaur, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan2.80.5
120570 ENDay of the Djinn Warriors, TheKerr, P.B.5.614.0
20015 ENDay of the Dragon KingOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
74145 ENDay of the IguanaWinkler, Henry4.14.0
59580 ENDay's Work, ABunting, Eve2.70.5
16197 ENDay the Teacher Went Bananas, TheHowe, James1.80.5
46376 ENDay with a Bricklayer, AThomas, Mark1.70.5
46377 ENDay with a Carpenter, AWinne, Joanne1.10.5
46334 ENDay with a Doctor, AKottke, Jan1.40.5
46335 ENDay with a Librarian, AKottke, Jan1.40.5
46336 ENDay with a Mail Carrier, AKottke, Jan1.40.5
46378 ENDay with a Mechanic, AWinne, Joanne1.10.5
46815 ENDay with a Plumber, AThomas, Mark1.40.5
46816 ENDay with Air Traffic Controllers, AWinne, Joanne1.60.5
46379 ENDay with an Electrician, AThomas, Mark1.10.5
46337 ENDay with Firefighters, AKottke, Jan1.00.5
46338 ENDay with Paramedics, AKottke, Jan1.30.5
46339 ENDay with Police Officers, AKottke, Jan1.40.5
34953 ENDays of the BlackbirdDe Paola, Tomie4.20.5
20694 ENDays of the Knights: A Tale of Castles and BattlesMaynard, Christopher4.91.0
6061 ENDays with Frog and ToadLobel, Arnold2.50.5
5410 ENDead Man in Indian Creek, TheHahn, Mary Downing4.94.0
11462 ENDead on ArrivalKeene, Carolyn4.56.0
7556 ENDeadline!Gibbons, Gail3.80.5
20016 ENDeadly Dungeon, TheRoy, Ron3.41.0
5917 ENDealing with DragonsWrede, Patricia C.5.58.0
59597 ENDear AnnieCaseley, Judith3.40.5
32561 ENDear Austin: Letters from the Underground RailroadWoodruff, Elvira5.23.0
12698 ENDear Benjamin BannekerPinkney, Andrea Davis6.40.5
902016 ENDear Butterflies (HM Edition)Dobeck, Maryann2.20.5
8514 ENDear Dr. Bell: Your Friend Helen KellerGeorge, Judith St.7.63.0
1957 ENDear Dr. KingColbert/Harms4.51.0
43464 ENDear Ellen Bee: A Civil War Scrapbook of Two Union SpiesLyons/Branch5.65.0
140039 ENDear George Clooney: Please Marry My MomNielsen, Susin4.36.0
11463 ENDear Levi: Letters from the Overland TrailWoodruff, Elvira5.33.0
68876 ENDear Mr. BlueberryJames, Simon2.90.5
24 ENDear Mr. HenshawCleary, Beverly4.93.0
63613 ENDear Mrs. LaRue: Letters from Obedience SchoolTeague, Mark3.60.5
8515 ENDear Napoleon, I Know You're Dead, But...Woodruff, Elvira4.95.0
12456 ENDear Peter RabbitAda, Alma Flor4.20.5
7182 ENDear Rebecca, Winter Is HereGeorge, Jean Craighead2.70.5
64474 ENDear Tooth FairyO'Connor, Jane2.40.5
35032 ENDear Willie RuddGray, Libba Moore3.50.5
135564 ENDeath-Defying Pepper Roux, TheMcCaughrean, Geraldine6.410.0
26990 ENDeath of the Iron HorseGoble, Paul4.50.5
902154 ENDeborah Sampson: Soldier of the Revolution (HM Edition)Justice, Lee S.3.70.5
5065 ENDecember Rose, TheGarfield, Leon6.39.0
5217 ENDecember SecretsGiff, Patricia Reilly2.71.0
560 ENDecember StillnessHahn, Mary Downing5.16.0
44718 ENDeception, TheApplegate, K.A.4.33.0
18961 ENDecision, TheApplegate, K.A.4.54.0
43415 ENDeclaration of Independence, TheMazer, Anne4.32.0
59238 ENDeclaration of Independence (Wonder Books), TheKlingel/Noyed4.60.5
6665 ENDeDe Takes Charge!Hurwitz, Johanna4.33.0
36644 ENDeep in the JungleYaccarino, Dan3.50.5
114954 ENDeep in the SwampBateman, Donna M.4.70.5
9605 ENDeep TroubleStine, R.L.3.53.0
11167 ENDeer in the Wood, TheWilder, Laura Ingalls3.20.5
32492 ENDefenders, TheMcGovern, Ann5.63.0
5359 ENDefenseHughes, Dean4.22.0
21802 ENDegas and the Little DancerAnholt, Laurence3.80.5
47036 ENDelaware (America the Beautiful)Blashfield, Jean F.8.43.0
63371 ENDelaware (From Sea to Shining Sea)Miller, Amy7.12.0
20158 ENDelaware (United States)Welsbacher, Anne3.60.5
129142 ENDemigod Files, TheRiordan, Rick4.33.0
100006 ENDentist from the Black Lagoon, TheThaler, Mike2.50.5
20384 ENDeparture, TheApplegate, K.A.3.84.0
561 ENDesdemona-Twelve Going on DesperateKeller, Beverly5.05.0
24364 ENDesert Animals at Night (Desert Animals)Stone, Lynn M.3.80.5
17217 ENDesert (Eyewitness)MacQuitty, Miranda7.71.0
18274 ENDesert Giant: The World of the Saguaro CactusBash, Barbara5.50.5
47362 ENDesert IguanasJango-Cohen, Judith2.30.5
19499 ENDesert Is Theirs, TheBaylor, Byrd3.60.5
20598 ENDesert Mammals (A True Book)Landau, Elaine5.70.5
45432 ENDesert SongJohnston, Tony2.60.5
19741 ENDesert Thieves, TheDixon, Franklin W.4.65.0
48636 ENDesert TownGeisert, Bonnie/Arthur4.20.5
60788 ENDesert VoicesBaylor, Byrd4.20.5
52393 ENDesertsGibbons, Gail4.10.5
1638 ENDeserts (A True Book)Stille, Darlene R.4.20.5
15567 ENDeserts (Endangered People and Places)Jenkins, Martin7.81.0
59224 ENDeserts (Wonder Books)Klingel/Noyed1.90.5
27487 ENDetective DinosaurSkofield, James2.80.5
19917 ENDetective PonyBetancourt, Jeanne3.41.0
30501 ENDevil in Vienna, TheOrgel, Doris4.48.0
8516 ENDevil's BridgeDeFelice, Cynthia4.73.0
17713 ENDia's Story Cloth: The Hmong People's Journey of FreedomCha, Dia4.70.5
16164 ENDiabetes (Diseases and People)Silverstein, Alvin9.94.0
17028 ENDiablesse and the Baby, LaKeens-Douglas, Richardo3.80.5
6310 ENDiamond Champs, TheChristopher, Matt4.52.0
116574 ENDiary of a FlyCronin, Doreen3.20.5
101233 ENDiary of a SpiderCronin, Doreen2.50.5
113950 ENDiary of a Wimpy KidKinney, Jeff5.23.0
147741 ENDiary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin FeverKinney, Jeff5.83.0
133167 ENDiary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog DaysKinney, Jeff5.23.0
119441 ENDiary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick RulesKinney, Jeff5.23.0
127979 ENDiary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last StrawKinney, Jeff5.43.0
140879 ENDiary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly TruthKinney, Jeff5.53.0
72276 ENDiary of a WormCronin, Doreen2.80.5
530 ENDiary of a Young Girl, TheFrank, Anne6.514.0
110 ENDicey's SongVoigt, Cynthia5.011.0
18667 ENDick Whittington and His CatBrown, Marcia4.50.5
9015 ENDid I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?Seuss, Dr.3.50.5
312 ENDid You Carry the Flag Today, Charley?Caudill, Rebecca3.92.0
18333 ENDiegoWinter, Jonah2.90.5
1549 ENDiego RiveraVenezia, Mike5.30.5
163 ENDifferent DragonsLittle, Jean3.73.0
21390 ENDig Hole, Soft MoleLesser, Carolyn2.40.5
18608 ENDigby and Kate and the Beautiful DayBaker, Barbara1.90.5
105880 ENDigger's TreasureDale, Jenny5.03.0
26593 ENDiggers (Machines at Work)Eick, Jean2.30.5
49273 ENDigging ArmadillosJango-Cohen, Judith2.10.5
9763 ENDigging Up DinosaursAliki3.60.5
8460 ENDigging up Tyrannosaurus RexHorner, John6.11.0
35832 ENDingoes at DinnertimeOsborne, Mary Pope3.21.0
141585 ENDino-BasketballWheeler, Lisa2.20.5
105936 ENDino WarsJohnson, Jinny8.35.0
30747 ENDinorella: A Prehistoric Fairy TaleEdwards, Pamela Duncan3.50.5
13804 ENDinosaur BonesAliki3.70.5
7365 ENDinosaur DaysMilton, Joyce2.60.5
45924 ENDinosaur DetectivesChrisp, Peter5.51.0
59503 ENDinosaur DetectivesStamper, Judith Bauer3.91.0
17218 ENDinosaur (Eyewitness)Norman/Milner7.61.0
32562 ENDinosaur HabitatGriffith, Helen V.4.42.0
6410 ENDinosaur HuntersMcMullan, Kate4.41.0
10660 ENDinosaur Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.23.0
32371 ENDinosaur That Followed Me Home, TheCoville, Bruce4.23.0
31414 ENDinosaursGibbons, Gail3.70.5
1716 ENDinosaursSteedman, Scott4.90.5
123349 ENDinosaursTurnbull, Stephanie3.60.5
57569 ENDinosaurs: A Nonfiction Companion to Dinosaurs Before DarkOsborne, Will5.01.0
13805 ENDinosaurs Are DifferentAliki3.00.5
6311 ENDinosaurs Before DarkOsborne, Mary Pope2.61.0
7214 ENDinosaurs, DinosaursBarton, Byron2.90.5
125023 ENDinosaurs in ActionMatthews, Rupert5.50.5
67810 ENDinosaurs (Scary Creatures)Cooper, John5.10.5
17768 ENDipper of Copper CreekGeorge, Jean C./John6.27.0
216 ENDirt Bike RacerChristopher, Matt4.04.0
5360 ENDirt Bike RunawayChristopher, Matt5.35.0
9804 ENDirt Bikes (Motorcycles)Young, Jesse4.50.5
51126 ENDirt Bikes (Wild Rides!)Parr, Danny4.20.5
39564 ENDirt on Their SkirtsRappaport/Callan3.80.5
4568 ENDirt Track Racing (Motorcycles)Youngblood, Ed5.10.5
9309 ENDirty LarryHamsa, Bobbie0.80.5
5658 ENDisappearing Floor, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.65.0
9261 ENDisappearing Friend Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.82.0
54819 ENDisappearing Staircase Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.02.0
6312 ENDiscovery of the Americas, TheMaestro, Betsy/Giulio6.30.5
902023 ENDive (HM Edition), TheDelaney, Susan2.50.5
43704 ENDive! My Adventures in the Deep FrontierEarle, Sylvia A.7.01.0
7710 ENDivorce Express, TheDanziger, Paula4.34.0
16109 ENDiwali: Hindu Festival of LightsMacMillan, Dianne M.4.40.5
70575 ENDizzy's Bird WatchInches, Alison1.40.5
21201 ENDmitri the AstronautAgee, Jon2.40.5
6492 ENDo Not OpenTurkle, Brinton3.20.5
63212 ENDo Tarantulas Have Teeth? Questions...Poisonous CreaturesBerger, Melvin/Gilda4.71.0
5511 ENDoctor De SotoSteig, William3.60.5
6062 ENDoctor De Soto Goes to AfricaSteig, William4.10.5
123265 ENDodgeball Chronicles, TheCammuso, Frank2.21.0
7711 ENDoes Third Grade Last Forever?Schanback, Mindy3.32.0
18609 ENDog and Cat Make a SplashSpohn, Kate2.20.5
63656 ENDog at the DoorBaglio, Ben M.4.54.0
14983 ENDog Breath: The Horrible Trouble with Hally TosisPilkey, Dav3.40.5
607 ENDog Called Kitty, AWallace, Bill4.24.0
32679 ENDog DaysRodowsky, Colby4.93.0
14773 ENDog (Eyewitness)Clutton-Brock, Juliet7.11.0
7557 ENDog for a DayGackenbach, Dick3.00.5
67415 ENDog for You: Caring for Your Dog, ABlackaby, Susan2.10.5
14662 ENDog-Gone HollywoodSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.81.0
145429 ENDog Heroes: A Nonfiction Companion to Dogs in the Dead of NightOsborne, Mary Pope4.81.0
164 ENDog on Barkham Street, AStolz, Mary4.65.0
20262 ENDog Overboard!Sathre, Vivian4.25.0
44282 ENDog People: Native Dog StoriesBruchac, Joseph5.42.0
21709 ENDog's Life, ADubowski, Cathy East4.34.0
101885 ENDog's Life: The Autobiography of a Stray, AMartin, Ann M.5.15.0
25275 ENDog That Called the Pitch, TheChristopher, Matt3.30.5
9121 ENDog That Pitched a No-Hitter, TheChristopher, Matt3.70.5
14615 ENDog That Stole Home, TheChristopher, Matt3.70.5
110425 ENDog Who Caught the Crook/Incredible Dogs and Their Tales!, TheZullo, Allan6.23.0
89033 ENDog Who Cried "Woof!", TheBarkly, Bob1.70.5
6261 ENDog Who Had Kittens, TheRobertus, Polly3.30.5
53709 ENDoggerHughes, Shirley3.10.5
28312 ENDoggone Detectives, TheDixon, Franklin W.3.21.0
130687 ENDogmagicWebb, Holly4.84.0
51279 ENDogsGibbons, Gail3.60.5
18761 ENDogs Don't Tell JokesSachar, Louis3.85.0
145430 ENDogs in the Dead of NightOsborne, Mary Pope3.82.0
48219 ENDogs: The Sound of DFlanagan, Alice K.1.00.5
48218 ENDogs (Wonder Books)Klingel/Noyed0.80.5
360 ENDogsongPaulsen, Gary5.25.0
61739 ENDogteamPaulsen, Gary3.20.5
11645 ENDogzillaPilkey, Dav4.20.5
5008 ENDoll in the Garden, TheHahn, Mary Downing4.84.0
10516 ENDoll PartyAlbert, Shirley1.60.5
41789 ENDoll People, TheMartin, Ann M.4.05.0
8517 ENDoll's House, TheGodden, Rumer4.54.0
67190 ENDolley MadisonPatrick, Jean L.S.4.30.5
258 ENDollhouse Murders, TheWright, Betty Ren4.35.0
41244 ENDolphin FreedomGrover, Wayne5.52.0
57132 ENDolphin in the DeepBaglio, Ben M.4.24.0
112664 ENDolphinsPohl, Kathleen1.70.5
73009 ENDolphins and Sharks...Companion to Dolphins at DaybreakOsborne, Mary Pope5.11.0
64348 ENDolphins Around the WorldKalman, Bobbie6.41.0
17563 ENDolphins at DaybreakOsborne, Mary Pope3.11.0
6411 ENDominicSteig, William5.63.0
36657 ENDomitila: A Cinderella Tale from the Mexican TraditionCoburn, Jewell Reinhart5.10.5
11412 ENDon't Call Me Beanhead!Wojciechowski, Susan4.21.0
139074 ENDon't Call Me Pruneface!Ahearn, Janet Reed2.60.5
466 ENDon't Call Me Toad!Shura, Mary Francis4.93.0
54478 ENDon't Count on DraculaGreenburg, Dan3.41.0
43246 ENDon't Forget the Bacon!Hutchins, Pat2.10.5
14942 ENDon't Go to Sleep!Stine, R.L.2.72.0
2110 ENDon't Make Me LaughStevenson, James2.10.5
44367 ENDon't Need FriendsCrimi, Carolyn2.60.5
86170 ENDon't Sit on My Lunch!Klein, Abby3.21.0
138743 ENDon't Touch That Toad & Other Strange Things Adults Tell YouRondina, Catherine6.72.0
43014 ENDon't Wake Up Mama!Christelow, Eileen1.90.5
48324 ENDon't You Know There's a War On?Avi3.64.0
74691 ENDonutheadStauffacher, Sue5.66.0
7755 ENDoor in the Dragon's Throat, ThePeretti, Frank E.5.94.0
25 ENDoor in the Wall, TheAngeli, Marguerite de6.24.0
28791 ENDoorbell Rang, TheHutchins, Pat1.90.5
84439 ENDora's BackpackWillson, Sarah2.00.5
83482 ENDora's Christmas ParadeValdes, Leslie2.20.5
116191 ENDora's Perfect PumpkinLarsen, Kirsten1.50.5
51471 ENDorinda Gets a GrooveGregory, Deborah5.24.0
51472 ENDorinda's SecretGregory, Deborah5.04.0
40193 ENDorothy & MikeyKasza, Keiko2.70.5
69954 ENDot, TheReynolds, Peter H.1.90.5
54585 ENDot the Fire DogDesimini, Lisa2.30.5
141363 ENDouble-Axel DoubtMaddox, Jake3.91.0
75666 ENDouble-Digit Club, TheBauer, Marion Dane4.74.0
5411 ENDouble Dog DareGilson, Jamie4.03.0
61267 ENDouble FudgeBlume, Judy3.65.0
5616 ENDouble Jinx Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
6460 ENDouble Life of Pocahontas, TheFritz, Jean5.94.0
16913 ENDouble Play at ShortChristopher, Matt5.04.0
27497 ENDouble Trouble in Walla WallaClements, Andrew3.80.5
57639 ENDoug's Big ComebackJinkins/Krulik3.41.0
84385 ENDouglas MacArthurMcPherson, Stephanie Sammartino5.31.0
114455 ENDown and out Down UnderStilton, Geronimo3.81.0
69667 ENDown by the Cool of the PoolMitton, Tony2.00.5
11413 ENDownhill MeganMagraw, Trisha5.22.0
30843 ENDownsidersShusterman, Neal7.211.0
134689 ENDozer Strikes!, TheNickel, Scott2.70.5
562 ENDr. Dredd's Wagon of WondersBrittain, Bill4.64.0
126973 ENDr. Maniac vs. Robby SchwartzStine, R.L.3.23.0
51895 ENDr. Martin Luther King, Jr.Adler, David A.3.40.5
86403 ENDr. SeussRau, Dana Meachen2.60.5
9016 ENDr. Seuss's ABCSeuss, Dr.2.10.5
9017 ENDr. Seuss's Sleep BookSeuss, Dr.4.00.5
10689 ENDracula Doesn't Drink LemonadeDadey/Jones3.61.0
34928 ENDracula Doesn't Rock and RollDadey/Jones3.81.0
50943 ENDracula Is a Pain in the NeckLevy, Elizabeth3.91.0
54043 ENDrag RacerPitt, Matthew5.01.0
7508 ENDragolinCosgrove, Stephen5.00.5
17669 ENDragon BonesHindman, Paul3.31.0
60790 ENDragon Bones and Dinosaur Eggs: A Photobiography...AndrewsBausum, Ann7.81.0
19846 ENDragon Gets ByPilkey, Dav2.60.5
14663 ENDragon in the Family, AKoller, Jackie French4.21.0
29324 ENDragon in the Ghetto Caper, TheKonigsburg, E.L.4.94.0
73398 ENDragon of Doom, TheCoville, Bruce3.31.0
902015 ENDragon of Krakow (HM Edition), TheDobeck, Maryann2.30.5
113579 ENDragon of the Red DawnOsborne, Mary Pope3.92.0
134759 ENDragon Players, TheCammuso, Frank2.41.0
82162 ENDragon RiderFunke, Cornelia4.916.0
10271 ENDragon's BaitVande Velde, Vivian5.95.0
6666 ENDragon's Boy, TheYolen, Jane5.83.0
110905 ENDragon's Eye: The Dragonology Chronicles, TheSteer, Dugald A.5.67.0
19845 ENDragon's Fat CatPilkey, Dav2.80.5
59504 ENDragon's HalloweenPilkey, Dav3.10.5
102669 ENDragon's HoardStewart, Paul5.52.0
6019 ENDragon's MilkFletcher, Susan4.58.0
83013 ENDragon's NestRodda, Emily5.45.0
142857 ENDragon Time for a PicnicSilver, Ivy1.60.5
108224 ENDragonfliesGreen, Emily K.1.50.5
5412 ENDragonling, TheKoller, Jackie French4.01.0
7136 ENDragons Are Singing Tonight, ThePrelutsky, Jack5.80.5
12769 ENDragons Don't Cook PizzaDadey, Debbie3.61.0
7712 ENDragons of Blueland, TheGannett, Ruth Stiles4.91.0
14879 ENDragonslayers, TheCoville, Bruce4.63.0
111 ENDragonwingsYep, Laurence5.310.0
51127 ENDragsters (Wild Rides!)Deady, Kathleen W.4.00.5
138144 ENDrained Brains Caper, TheRobbins, Trina3.11.0
117033 ENDrama QueenBergen, Lara4.14.0
59047 ENDread MountainRodda, Emily5.14.0
70015 ENDreadful ActsArdagh, Philip6.14.0
32293 ENDream Come True, AHurwitz, Johanna4.00.5
19561 ENDream Jar, ThePryor, Bonnie3.50.5
71266 ENDream ThiefAbbott, Tony3.82.0
5347 ENDream Tree, TheCosgrove, Stephen4.30.5
18668 ENDream WolfGoble, Paul3.20.5
18762 ENDreams in the Golden Country: The Diary of...Immigrant GirlLasky, Kathryn4.54.0
61756 ENDreams: The Sound of DRKlingel/Noyed1.10.5
26450 ENDreams: The Story of Martin Luther King, Jr.Murray, Peter4.50.5
259 ENDrinking Gourd, TheMonjo, F.N.3.00.5
141364 ENDrive to the HoopMaddox, Jake3.71.0
902157 ENDrummer Boy (HM Edition), TheSturges, Philemon3.80.5
21349 ENDrummer HoffEmberley, Barbara4.70.5
61959 ENDrums (Wonder Books)Klingel/Noyed0.90.5
7854 ENDrylongsoHamilton, Virginia3.21.0
119936 ENDuckCecil, Randy3.20.5
128656 ENDuck and CoverUrbanovic, Jackie2.00.5
114955 ENDuck at the DoorUrbanovic, Jackie2.00.5
77201 ENDuck for PresidentCronin, Doreen3.90.5
58826 ENDuck on a BikeShannon, David2.00.5
64045 ENDuckling DiaryBaglio, Ben M.3.62.0
47325 ENDucks!Gibbons, Gail4.10.5
13807 ENDucks Don't Get WetGoldin, Augusta3.70.5
143142 ENDucks in a RowHouran, Lori Haskins1.90.5
54510 ENDude Ranch DetectiveKeene, Carolyn3.01.0
608 ENDuel on the DiamondHallowell, Tommy4.43.0
1520 ENDuke EllingtonVenezia, Mike5.90.5
28077 ENDuke EllingtonPinkney, Andrea Davis5.00.5
902088 ENDuke Ellington: A Life In Music (HM Edition)Montgomery, Erick3.90.5
55282 ENDumb Bunnies' Easter, TheDenim, Sue3.10.5
19936 ENDumb Bunnies Go to the Zoo, TheDenim, Sue2.70.5
17293 ENDumb Bunnies, TheDenim, Sue2.80.5
108932 ENDump TrucksMcClellan, Ray1.30.5
26594 ENDump Trucks (Machines at Work)Eick, Jean1.80.5
12770 ENDunc and Amos Go to the DogsPaulsen, Gary3.41.0
11169 ENDust for DinnerTurner, Ann2.40.5
80549 ENDwight D. EisenhowerAlphin, Elaine Marie5.01.0
24681 ENDwight D. Eisenhower (United States Presidents)Joseph, Paul5.10.5