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What is the African American Parent & Educator Advisory Committee AAPEAC)?

The African American Parent & Educator Advisory Council (AAPEAC) provides a forum for the Etiwanda School District’s African American families and district educators to collaborate on improving outcomes for African American students.  One parent is elected at each of the seventeen school sites to serve as a Representative and one parent is elected at each of the seventeen school sites to serve as an Alternate Advisor.  Nine educators volunteer to serve on the committee, representing various roles in Etiwanda schools and the district.  

AAPEAC History: 

In 2016, San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools conducted a countywide research project to improve educational outcomes for African American students.  

Etiwanda participated by providing research through Parent and Student Voices where we gathered input from African American families and students on their perceptions of school systems and needs for success.

Review a publication about this research project HERE.

At the conclusion of the county research project, families we interviewed asked the district to continue to meet with them to focus on improving outcomes for African American students in the Etiwanda School District.

Over the next year, a small group of African American families and committed educators shaped the structure of a formal committee, collaborated on a purpose, and developed bylaws. In May 2018, the Board of Trustees formally launched the committee you are part of today.


The purpose of the AAPEAC is to improve Black/African American student outcomes by empowering parent and educator collaboration to identify equitable and culturally responsive academic and social practices, and monitor their effectiveness.

Much of the work of the committee is conducted through smaller subcommittees. Each member of the committee serves on at least one of the following four subcommittees:

  • Academic Subcommittee: Identify equitable and culturally responsive academic practices.
  • Parent/Teacher Interaction Subcommittee: Empower parent and educator collaboration.
  • Cultural Subcommittee: Create environments where African American contributions are expected, acknowledged, and celebrated.
  • Parent Engagement Subcommittee: Create a space for parent members to ask questions of each other and increase interaction.

Committee Bylaws

2021 - 2022 APPEAC Committee Members

Innovation Funding:

AAPEAC annually receives funds from the Etiwanda School District for use in supporting activities, events, and programs that align with the mission and goals of the committee.  
Proposals must directly support Etiwanda School District students, families, educators, or community. Activities or events may be principally directed to African American students and families, but must be open to all students, educators, parents, or the community.

Proposals should include a plan for assessment or evaluation for effectiveness and impact. Funding may not be used for personal salaries, stipends, or benefit.  All materials purchased through Innovation Funding remain with the Etiwanda School District.

APPEAC Innovation Funding and Proposal Form

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Next Meeting:

2021-22 AAPEAC Orientation Presentation  
Wednesday, September 1, 2021. 5:00 - 7:00 PM 
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