Child Care School Sites

All school sites are currently enrolling for the 2020 - 2021 school year.  Please click on the tab below for your child's school site to begin the process.  Contact each site for availability. Click link to register online: Online Registration and Account Management

Caryn Elementary

School Site: Caryn Elementary 
Coordinators: Stephanie Peltomaa
Erica Burns
Room #: 1
Phone #: (909) 919-7726
Email Coordinator: Click Here

CP Lightfoot Elementary

School Site: CP Lightfoot Elementary
Coordinator: Marsha Nguyen
Room #: 28
Phone #: (909) 919-7248
Email Coordinator: Click Here

Day Creek Intermediate

School Site: Day Creek Intermediate
Coordinator: Deanna Crockwell
Room # E-2
Phone # (909) 803-3950
Email Coordinator: Click Here

DW Long Elementary

School Site: DW Long Elementary Coordinator: Melissa Marino
Room #: 35
Phone#: (909) 803-3934
Email Coordinator: Click Here

Etiwanda Colony Elementary

School Site: Etiwanda Colony Elementary
Coordinator: Karol Kluz
Room #: I-1
Phone#: (909) 803-3326
Email Coordinator: Click Here

East Heritage Elementary

School Site: East Heritage Elementary 
Coordinator: Ann Lutz
Room #: 28
Phone#: (909) 854-0813
Email Coordinator: Click Here

Etiwanda Intermediate

School Site: Etiwanda Intermediate School
Coordinator: Brittany Burke
Room #: H-4
Phone #: (909) 803-3951
Email Coordinator: Click Here

Falcon Ridge Elementary

School Site: Falcon Ridge Elementary
Coordinator: Sibecca Hardy
Room #: C-1
Phone #: (909) 463-7387
Email Coordinator: Click Here

Click HERE for Online Registration and Account Management for the Etiwanda PLUS Program

Click HERE to email Site Coordinator

Golden Elementary

School Site: Golden Elementary
Coordinators: Aurita Jiron

Room #: D-4
Phone #: (909) 803-3932
Email Coordinator: Click Here

Grapeland Elementary

School Site: Grapeland Elementary
Coordinator: Susan Nerey
Room #: A-2
Phone #: (909) 803-3933
Email Coordinator:  Click Here

Heritage Intermediate

School Site: Heritage Intermediate
Coordinator: Jenna Brawley
Room #: G-1
Phone #: (909) 803-3180
Email Coordinator:  Click Here

Perdew Elementary

School Site: Perdew Elementary
Coordinators: Helena King
Ariel Cheatwood
Room #: B-3
Phone #: (909) 803-3985
Email Coordinator: Click Here

Summit Intermediate

School Site: Summit Intermediate
Coordinator: Lauren Braun
Room #: M-14
Phone #: (909) 899-0463
Email Coordinator: Click Here

Solorio Elementary

School Site: Solorio Elementary
Coordinator: Jenny Reed
Room #: E-4
Phone #: (909) 854-5942
Email Coordinator: Click Here

Terra Vista Elementary

School Site: Terra Vista Elementary
Coordinators: Jessica Mejia
Melissa Marquez
Room #: E-3
Phone #: (909) 919-2498
Email Coordinator: Click Here

West Heritage Elementary

School Site: West Heritage Elementary
Coordinators: Karissa Candelario
Patricia Meinhart
Room #: 4
Phone #: (909) 803-3332
Email Coordinator: Click Here

Windrows Elementary

School Site: Windrows Elementary
Coordinator: Shannon Saldana
Room #: 22
Phone #: (909) 803-3327
Email Coordinator: Click Here